How to Keep Veggies Fresh in the Refrigerator

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Everybody tends to buy more food than they can eat, and sometimes store it too much time in the refrigerator and the food starts to go bad. Vegetables are very fragile and are likely to spoil if not kept properly, therefore you should know which type of veggies goes in the fridge and which type stays in the pantry. For keeping the veggies fresh in the refrigerator, here is what you should pay attention to. If you read the fridge reviews on, you will see that the latest refrigerator models come with innovative vegetable drawers. By providing them with an optimum humidity level and temperature, these fridges can keep the vegetables fresher for longer periods of time. For those of you who cannot afford a new fridge, we have some great ideas:

Smartly pack your veggies

If you want to keep your vegetables for a few days, without preparing “supplies”, a good option is storing them in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3-4 degrees, in the special fruit and vegetable containers. You can keep so the beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers and mushrooms or even zucchinis. If you love the greens, remember that you can maintain them fresh up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator in bunches, wrapped at the top and placed in a jar with water. Lettuce and spinach, placed in plastic bags with a little air inside, can be kept fresh for several days. Storing the vegetables in the refrigerator after being packed in containers with suction, allows keeping them up to 8-10 days compared to 1-4 days as they would resist in bags or pots.

Remove the spoiled vegetables

Vegetables that are stained, overripe or spoiled must be removed from the refrigerator because they can contaminate and easily spoil the healthy products stored nearby. Healthy vegetables that have intact skin, are quite resilient, so, before putting them in the refrigerator check them and remove the ones scratched, bruised or broken. Eventually, you can cook these or freeze them immediately after cutting off the damaged part.

Wipe away the excess water

Excess water damages the vegetables, therefore, make sure they are dried before storing them in the refrigerator. Be careful when buying leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, dill or parsley and wipe the water from them to make sure they will last longer.

Sort and separate the vegetables

There are some vegetables that must not be kept in the refrigerator, like the tomatoes, because they release a substance called ethene, which can manage to spoil even the other vegetables that are stored in the same fridge container. Some vegetables, like peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beans, cabbage or eggplant must not come in contact with fruits and vegetables that release ethene, because they will spoil rapidly.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Mold and Keep it from Threatening Your Family’s Health

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Your family’s health is very important and you use everything that can come in handy when it comes to protecting it. In a house, the air that you and your family breathe must be clean and fresh in order to maintain a good health, therefore you have to make sure you don’t let your family breathe unclean air. The air we breathe may contain various impurities, such as allergens,dust, fungus and pollen, that can cause allergies and asthma.

Mold is unpleasant and dangerous for your health

One of the biggest problems you may encounter in your home is mold. In addition to deteriorated walls and unpleasant view, in time you and your family members can develop serious health problems, especially if one of you suffers from allergies, skin irritation or asthma. Mold is a fungus whose spores spread easily on wet surfaces and in rooms where the air’s humidity level is high and the water vapors are deposited on the walls, therefore it is possible that you confront this problem especially in bathrooms and kitchen, where steam produced by hot liquids creates proper conditions for the mold. Mold can grow anywhere, not only on walls but also on carpets, furniture, clothes or paper, and it can destroy the surfaces it comes in contact with.

Fight mold using traditional methods

Mold thrives in cold and unlit areas, therefore a proper ventilation and warming of the rooms is the first step in the battle against mold. Open the windows on sunny days and close them when it is raining and keep a high and constant temperature in the rooms. Never rub a moldy surface with a wet cloth because you will only manage to spread the spores, instead use chlorine or sodium bicarbonate to clean the area. You can find in stores professional solutions that you spray on the surfaces attacked by mold and in a few hours the spores disappear.

A dehumidifier is efficient in fighting mold

In order to solve the problem, you can also purchase a device called a dehumidifier, which absorbs the moist air, cools it using a refrigerant, stores the resulted water in a container and then releases warmer and drier air. A domestic dehumidifier is useful for maintaining a normal humidity in living spaces, where air quality is very important for the health of the entire family especially if you have children. Besides protecting the construction from mold and dampness,it is useful for drying clothes, therefore you can use it in living rooms, bathrooms, basements and dryers. These products can be very versatile and their prices can also differ from one brand to another. When searching for such a device, make sure to keep in mind the size of the area where you want to use it as well as the conditions in that room. For example, the basement is a lot more humid than other parts of the house and it as also colder. Therefore, check out the best basement dehumidifier reviews in order to find a unit for the basement, because a plain room dehumidifier won’t handle the conditions of that room.

How Can Your Insomnia Affect the Life of Your Loved Ones

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There are many things that can cause insomnia. The thing is that once you have it not only your sleep schedule changes but basically your whole life. Why is that? Sleep is a necessary resource to our organism that cannot be replaceable by any other substance, just like any other important resource that our body needs – such as food, air or water. During the nighttime sleep our body regenerates itself. There are so many processes that are done only during the nighttime and only when the organism is sleeping. People who have insomnia struggle to keep up with the processes that their bodies can do only during sleep time. That’s why even if they sleep more hours during the daytime they cannot compensate the nighttime rest.

When does insomnia kick in

Insomnia might get installed into one person’s life when he or she must face a significant life stressful situation. Massive changes in one’s life can trigger insomnia. The body cannot relax anymore and it considers the sleep resource less important than solving the original problems that made the insomnia kick in.  Such an event may be the job loss, the divorce or a heavy illness that has big emotional impact.

Changes brought by insomnia

People who suffer from insomnia are more cranky. They also tend to be more emotional. Losing sleep constantly makes your body feel worse and worse. If one of your loved ones has insomnia you should be understanding with that person. They are passing through a difficult time and they need your support. How can you show them your support? Try not to hold a grudge and be forgiving. Sometimes their behavior is not a result of their personalities, but a result of some lacking substances in their brains. Everything resumes to physical substances that our bodies secretes during the nighttime sleep. Not for nothing they call it beauty sleep – this is the time when our bodies become more beautiful both inside and out. Being beautiful from the inside means that our mind gets some rest in order to have enough joy and strenght to keep up with the everyday stress. Being beautiful from the outside means that the physical organs of our body take the time to regenerate themselves.

You can overcome insomnia

In order to overcome insomnia one must face the problems that have firstly caused it. There is no easy way. Be ready to ask for help. Talk to your family or your friends and ask them what they think about your situation. Some treatments may involve contacting a psychotherapist or a professional. He or she may help you deal with whatever change happened in your life. There are also some natural, over the counter treatment that you can try. The Alteril tablets seem to be very sufficient in treating mild insomnia and temporal sleeplessness. Most of the people who wrote the Alteril reviews only used the tablets but we found out that there is now an Alteril pack available on the market which aside from the tablets also contains a soothing tea blend and a relaxation CD which contains binaural beats that relax the brain.

How to Care for a Newborn Baby

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Taking care of a newborn can be a very challenging mission. In order to help you through this period, we did some research on our favorite health advice website: There, we discovered some basic tips for young mums who feel overwhelmed with the new parenting responsibilities. Follow these simple tips in order to raise a healthy child:

Feed him regularly

During his first weeks of life, the activity that your baby enjoys the most while staying awake is to eat. That’s why it’s important to be there for it and feed him on a regular basis – even during the night. At first you must wake up from 3 to 3 hours or even less! You must know that taking care of it by yourself may be extremely tiring. That’s why it’s very important to have somebody to help you with taking care of your baby during its first weeks of life.

Clean the diapers regularly

If your baby eats a  lot then of course it will need to have its diapers changed very often. Imagine how would it be for you to wake up in the middle of the night and take care of the nasty part of your baby. Uh-uh! Don’t worry, it’s a normal thing that every parent needs to do and besides everything passes at some point. If you come to think about it, even your parents did this to you when you were a little baby!

Don’t wash your baby too often

Why not? Because there is no need. All the clothes that touch your baby are probably clean. It doesn’t crawl or get down on the floor yet. Make sure you keep the baby butt area clean by regularly wiping it with a sanitary napkin. This thing is also available for the neckline area.

Hold him safely

Every time you hold your baby you must make sure he stays safe in your arms. It’s a little tiny human being that you must take care of non-stop. Try to hold it in a straight plan – use your hands to support its head and neck.

Make sure you keep your baby healthy

Pay attention to the dirty objects. Dirty doesn’t necessary means that they must have visible dirt on them. Use hand sanitizer regularly. It would be great if you tried to place in the baby’s room an air purifier and a humidifier. The air purifier assures you that your baby breathes clear air with no contaminants. If you don’t know many things about air purifiers, visit There, you can find reviews that feature a lot of information that you will find useful when shopping for an air purifier. As far as the humidifier goes, this device assures a comfortable level of humidity and doesn’t let your baby’s skin become too dry. If you don’t know which type of humidifier is best suited for the nursery, visit On this website, you will find helpless reviews of numerous humidifiers.

Bond with your baby

It’s good if you present some toys to your baby ever since an early age. Bond with your baby by giving it massages, especially after you gave it a bath. It’s the perfect recipe for a good night sleep.

Clean objects everywhere

Make sure that anything that comes in contact with your baby stays clean.  All the appliances that help you prepare its meals must be previously washed. As for the dishes, you can even use a dishwasher with sanitizing option in order to make sure your baby stays safe.

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