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Essential Ingredients for a Fun Family Barbecue

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Once summer is here, the grilling season will start and you will have all the time in the world to spend with your loved ones at a family barbecue. To make sure you will create the perfect ambiance, you will have to keep some aspects in mind and include some items on your To do list so you won’t miss on an important detail. Here are the essential ingredients that you simply must have for a fun family barbecue.

The grill

What would a family barbecue be without a good grill that will deliver delicious foods for all your guests? Since you will need a comfortable unit that will make little mess and will prepare a variety of grilled meat and vegetables, opt for one of the best grills 2016 units, one that creates little smoke compared to a charcoal grill and can be adapted to the needs of many types of foods. Your burgers, the steak, and your grilled veggies will be perfectly roasted on a gas grill. The best grills 2016 units come with a lot of amazing features which allow you to cook your food better. Moreover, they are easier to clean and to maintain than traditional charcoal grills.


You will enjoy your family barbecue even more if you have some music on the background to help you get into the party spirit. You don’t have to turn it very loud, just enough to make you feel more at ease will still managing to have a conversation.


To make the day funnier, you can play some games so you will stay busy and active. There are many games you can play with playing cards or rummy or you can choose to play hide and seek, football or tennis. If you have kids over, you can install a playground for them so they will have a lot of fun.


Make sure you stock your garden cooler with plenty of drinks that will satisfy the tastes of all your guests. From refreshing sodas to sparkling water to cool beers, offer your friends and family everything they want to cool down in a hot summer afternoon. You can even make lemonades or cocktails if you want to create a more unique ambiance. Avoid strong alcoholic beverages because you could get sick and where is the fun in that?

A shady and relaxing place

Since the weather is going to be very hot, a shady place is mandatory if you want to feel comfortable and to enjoy your family barbecue. Set up a pergola, an umbrella or a covered patio with a sofa or comfortable chairs around a large table where all of you can sit down and enjoy your delicious grill.

Thanksgiving Family Dinners You Can Make in the Microwave

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Everybody likes to prepare a variety of dishes that they will serve with their families on Thanksgiving dinner. If you don’t have enough time to spend cooking, but you still want to impress your loved ones, you can relax because you can still have an impressive Thanksgiving meal by simply using your microwave oven. Discover below some tasty and innovative family dinners that you can enjoy on Thanksgiving with the help of your useful microwave oven.

Roasted turkey

Since the turkey is the most popular meal for Thanksgiving, you can opt for a juicy and delicious turkey steak you can make in the microwave, just make sure that your bird fits in the microwave. Wash it inside out, tap it with some paper towels to remove excess water and rub it with your favorite seasonings. Put it in a safe oven bag and leave the bag slightly open to ensure ventilation, then set the oven to work for 10 minutes per pound at 50 percent power.

Acorn squash and apple

Grab an acorn squash, peel it and cut the pulp in small pieces and do the same with some apples. Bring them to a boil, then use a sieve to remove the excess water. Put them in a microwave-safe bowl, add melted butter, sugar, cinnamon, and some walnuts, cover with some foil and cook for about 8 minutes. Remove the foil and continue cooking for another 8 minutes to turn them a little brown.

Mashed potatoes with gravy

You can make some delicious mashed potatoes with a gravy to fill the plates of your guests in an interesting way. Cut the potatoes in chunks, season wilt salt an pepper, add some butter and some sour cream and bake them in the microwave until soft. Make the gravy by whisking 2 tablespoons of flour with 1 cup heavy cream, 1 cup chicken broth and your favorite seasonings. Add the gravy to the potatoes, cook for more 3 minutes and serve.

Turkey pates

You can even use your turkey leftovers to create some delicious pates to serve with your family the morning after Thanksgiving. You will need some pastry dough that you can conveniently buy in stores and you can fill it with turkey leftovers and everything else you like. You can add tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, your favorite sauce and a seasonings mix and make small pockets of dough. Bake them in the microwave oven for 15 minutes on medium power and you will have some tasty Thanksgiving pates. As you can see, the microwave is an essential kitchen appliance, as it can be used for so much more than cooking. If you don’t have a microwave oven, or if your old one is no longer satisfying your cooking needs, consider investing in a newer model. Analyze the latest models in detail on the website. Read the oven reviews featured on that website, compare the best ovens and choose the most convenient one.

A Busy Mom’s Beauty Secrets

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With all the things they have on their hands, moms rarely find time for themselves and for their personal care routine. Still, they manage to look great and to hide the fatigue signs and this is due to some beauty secrets that help them achieve a flawless look with minimum effort and expenses. We will reveal some of those secrets so you can take advantage of them and look good even if you are a busy mom.

Lash growth serum for gorgeous lashes

If you have long and curved lashes, you don’t need to apply any more makeup because your lashes will perfectly complete your look. But what if your natural lashes are not that voluptuous and thick as you would want them to be? In that case, you can use this busy mom’s trick that will help you get long and curved lashes without any mascara. The secret is the lash growth serum made of essential oils that strengthen the old lashes and encourage new ones to grow. Oils like castor oil, almond oil or coconut oil are great for boosting the growth of your lashes, so mix them to obtain a serum that you will apply to your lashes every night before going to bed.

Clean and shiny face with a skin lightening cream

Pregnancy, stress, medicines or a busy and chaotic lifestyle often leave marks on a woman’s skin and you are likely to notice dark spots on your face or body. If you do, you must know that you can easily get rid of them using things you have at home so you won’t have to go to a salon and have a cosmetic treatment. Ingredients like tomatoes, turmeric, yogurt, honey, strawberries, and lemon can make wonders in lightening your skin and getting rid of uneven skin tone. Mix these ingredients to create a lotion that you must apply on your skin on a daily basis so the dark spots will vanish and your skin will remain nice and smooth.

No more skin tags with a skin tag removal

Skin tags are become more and more common, probably due to the fact that most of us have rather unhealthy diets. There are many solutions on the market for this problem, but they are not all very useful. You will see that most skin tag removal creams take a very long time to work, or in the worse case scenarios, they can leave you with permanent scars. If you struggle with skin tags that make you feel uncomfortable, we also have a beauty secret to help you with this problem. Although skin tags are not dangerous, you will feel the urge to remove them from your skin because they are unpleasant to see and touch. Instead of cutting them off, apply a strong essential oil like rosemary or tea tree to the skin tag in order to remove it from the core. The strong oils will attack the core and the skin tag will fall off in a few days. You can also try to squeeze lemon juice or onion juice over the tag so it will dry and fall off.

Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Baby’s Clothes

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As any other process regarding your baby, washing their clothes requires excessive care and attention so you can be sure that what touches the baby’s skin is clean and safe. The following tips will help you perform a proper cleaning and sanitation of the baby’s clothes.
    • It’s best that you clean your baby’s clothes separately from yours so you will prevent germs from transferring from one item to another. There are special baby clothes washing machines that are smaller in size so you can run a full washing cycle with the baby’s clothes only.
    • If you are not going to be using a special baby clothes washing machine, you must clean your regular unit in order to get rid of all the bacteria and germs that have gathered inside it over time. Run a complete washing cycle at the highest temperature and avoid using chlorine that can leave behind toxic residues. You can either add vinegar or you can buy a cleaning substance from drug stores.
    • Although it’s best to wash the baby clothes at high temperatures to make sure you kill any potential bacteria, you should read the labels first and see how each garment should be washed. Check the temperature they must be washed at and whether they can be washed in a washing machine or by hand so you will preserve the garments in the best condition.
    • Every time you wash your baby’s clothes, use only liquid detergent which is milder and doesn’t stick to the clothes’ fibers. Powder detergent is harder to rinse and this is why most baby detergents come in a liquid version. Don’t add clothes softeners because they will irritate the baby’s delicate skin and can cause rashes and allergies.
    • If a certain piece of clothing like a diaper or a nappy has a dried stain that would be harder to remove during the washing cycle, perform a brief on-spot cleaning with some hot water and a soft brush. Remove the excess dirt so it will come out easier during the washing cycle and you will avoid the dirt and germs from spreading inside the washing machine.
    • Always dry the baby’s clothes indoors to avoid outdoor allergens and bacteria from sticking to them. Once the clothes are dried, perform a thorough disinfecting using a clothes steamer that will penetrate the depth of the fabric so there will be no germs remaining to reach the baby’s skin. A clothes steamer is more comfortable to use than a regular iron because the steam easily penetrates the tiny baby clothes and you will sanitize them fast and effortlessly. Go to if you want to see which are the best steamers of the moment. You can use the steamer on your clothes as well, and you will save a lot of time as it gets rid of wrinkles a lot faster than the conventional iron.

Gardening Activities for the Whole Family

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Gardening can become an excellent family activity that will help you get closer to your family and spend quality time together doing something productive. There are many activities that can be performed in the garden and each is equally educative and entertaining, so try them out next time you are in the garden.

Seeding and planting

Preparing the soil for planting is a simple gardening activity that both adults and children can find very entertaining. While adults will do the hard part, children can have fun preparing small holes for the plants or throwing the seeds into the soil. This way, the small one can discover the journey the plant must perform from the seed stage to the blooming plant they will admire in their garden.

Watering the plants

Nothing can be more relaxing in a hot day of summer than watering the plants and playing with the water hose. The small family members will love filling their miniature watering cans and offering the plants the water they need in order to grow. Plus, they will learn more about the role of water in the growth of plants and they can even choose a plant they will take care of until it grows.


You can teach your kids the utility of recycling by turning old containers and boxes into great flower pots. Instead of buying plastic pots, wash thoroughly the milk containers or the juice boxes, paint them in fun colors and plant various herbs and flowers in them. This will teach your children that recycling is a smart way of giving a new life to old and useless items.

Mowing the lawn

With the help of a small and easy to handle lawn mower, even your children can take care of the grass in the garden. Just make sure they are careful not to cut the mower’s power cord if you are using an electric mower. Electric mowers are the easiest to operate mowers, and they are friendlier for the environment than gas grills. If you want to buy a good electric mower, go to to see which are the best choices. If you have a gas powered mower, there are fewer worries regarding accidents although the gas mowers can be harder for children to operate. In this case, they can watch you mow the lawn and collect the grass that falls from the mower.


If you are growing produce, the harvesting time can be a great family activity that will allow you to do interesting things together. Ask your kids to help you gather all the fruits and vegetables offered by the plants in your garden so they will discover how each plant is developed and how they grow to be the delicious foods you serve every day.

Halloween Costume Ideas for the Entire Family

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You can have a great time with your family on Halloween if you all choose to wear matching costumes inspired by groups of characters in the movies, cartoons, comic books or other related items. If you plan on making the costumes yourself, it will take a very long time which is why we chose to post this article so early one. Nevertheless, if you find it to troublesome to make the costumes for the entire family, you can always find cheap costumes online. On you have a wide variety of costumes to choose from. Depending on how many members your family has, you have a wide range of characters to choose from for a Halloween party you and your family will never forget. Just make sure you take enough pictures.

The Scooby Doo gang

The Mystery gang can be brought to life with a set of costumes resembling the 4 members of the cartoon show, namely Daphne, Freddy, Shaggy, and Velma. These costumes are very easy to create as all you have to do is analyze the outfits of the characters and choose resembling clothes. You must not forget about the funny Scooby Doo and if you don’t have a dog to disguise, one of your family members can become the dog or you can choose an inflatable one.

The Flintstones and the Rubbles

To stay in the cartoon area, the Flintstones are another great idea of a Halloween costume for the entire family and it should not be a problem creating the outfit or you can get one from a costume shop. The charismatic Fred and Wilma with their adorable baby, Pebbles are an inspired choice for your family or you can even extend the group with costumes resembling the Flintstones’ friends, Barney and Betty and their baby boy, Bam-Bam.

The Addams family

Speaking of families, which one would be more appropriate for Halloween than the spooky Addams family with its Gothic members Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, uncle Fester, Grandmama and the butler, Lurch. These creepy fellows thrive on Halloween as their looks are scary and strange, just perfect for a great disguise.

Batman villains

Another good idea for large families is to create a group of Batman villains who will take over the Halloween party and will steal all the cookies. Characters like the Joker, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Bane or Cat Woman will make great Halloween choices due to their frightening looks and their bad deeds.

Food costumes

This Halloween costume idea is literally delicious and will give taste to any party where you and your family will show up. Mom and Dad get to be Ketchup and Mustard while the children are tasty hotdog and hamburger.

Superheroes family

No villain could stand a chance with a superhero family, so combine your powers to create an awesome group of superheroes for Halloween. Get your inspiration from the comic books or the movies that star characters like Spiderman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman or Iron Man and save the day on Halloween.

DIY Childrens Halloween Costume Ideas

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Children love to play in their fantasy world with various characters that become their companions. Since Halloween is the perfect occasion for them to dress up in funny and interesting costumes, help your children have the best time with these best Halloween costumes 2015 ideas that you can easily make yourself.

DIY handyman costume

Every little boy is passionate about fixing things and they all like to handle their father’s tools, so this costume can be the perfect way to allow your son to become a handyman. The best part about this outfit is that it will cost you nearly nothing and the clothes can be worn in a normal day. You will need a plaid shirt, a pair of jeans overalls and a jacket. The hardhat and the tool belt can be found in any toy store at low prices and you can complete the costume with a toy tool box that the child can use as a candy bag.

DIY minions costume

There is not a single child who doesn’t love the Minions, those small oval-shaped yellow things that run and speak with the speed of the wind. If your children are fans of these movie characters, you can easily turn them into funny Minions with a simple yellow hoodie jacket and a pair of jeans overalls. Add a pair of black gloves, some tall boots, a pair of goggles and some frizzy hairs on the hood and the Minion costume is complete.

DIY princess dress

Girls are fascinated about princesses and their beauty and grace, so Halloween can be a great opportunity for them to become a delicate princess or a fairy. If you learn how to make a veil tutu skirt, your girl can become any princess she wants. Simply cut long veil strips and attach them to an elastic band by forming a loop and pulling both ends of the strip through the loop, over the elastic band. Then add a shirt that matches the color of the skirt, a crown or a magic wand and you have an easy DIY princess costume.

DIY scarecrow costume

This s one funny and easy-to-make costume that also requires a minimum investment, considering that most of the clothes your child has in their closet. A plaid shirt, a pair of jeans or an overall and some rubber boots are all you need for this costume. Don’t forget about the straw hat and stuff the clothes with straws to make it look like the child is made of straws.

How to Make Life Better for a Disabled Family Member

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Having a disability is not an easy thing for anyone, especially if it is a sudden disability that changes the lives and perspectives of the ones who suffer from it. If you have a family member who has a sudden or old disability, there are some things you can do for them in order to make them feel better and see life with more positive eyes.

Make time for them

The easiest thing you can do for a disabled family member is to offer them attention. Whether they are an old relative, your loving grandparents, or a cousin who is your age, try to make time for them, go visit them and talk to them, so that they will know they are not alone. Remember that a person with a disability lives a different life than you and maybe they hardly get to talk to someone, especially if they are old, so a little attention will make them feel they are loved and appreciated. Bring some joy into their lives by taking them for a walk or bring them their favorite dish and you will feel better yourself after the visit.

Take them to various activities

There are many groups of activities where you can take your disabled family member in order to make them feel better. A new hobby and new friends who share their same drama and disability will make them realize that life is not as bad as they think it is. You can even look for travel groups in you town that offer them the possibility to travel and visit new places under the strict supervision of doctors and nurses.

Get them professional help and assistance

If it is in your powers, get some professional medical assistance for your disabled family member. There are many nurses who can come and live with them, or you can take them to a nursing home where they will be taken care of and medically attended so that they will be healthy and safe. If the disabled person is incapable of taking care of themselves, a proper surveillance and attention can do wonders for their physical and mental state.

Ease their mobility indoors and outdoors

As for the house they live in, there are some things you can do to improve their living standard and to make them feel more independent and useful. A mobility scooter can help them travel by themselves, go to the market and perform several household chores without having to call for anyone’s help, which will make them feel more independent. On you can analyze the best mobility scooters on the market. When shopping for a scooter, pay attention to the battery autonomy but also to the chair’s adjustability and comfort features. It also helps if the scooter can be easily taken apart for storage and transportation purposes. If their house has stairs and they find it impossible to go from one floor to another without assistance, a stair lift will do wonders for them, because it will allow them to go up and down the stairs without any pain and risk, even if they are using a wheelchair. If you want to learn more about these devices, visit There are several models to choose from, depending on the structure of the stairs and the needs of your loved one.

Home Improvements That Will Protect Your Family’s Health

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Family is a very important factor in everyone’s life, and every person tries their best to keep a healthy and safe environment for their family. Given the fact that a well cared and maintained house can improve the health of your family, there are some items that you can install in your house in order to enhance your family’s well being.

Improve the air in your house

The air that you and your family breathe is crucial for a good health, therefore you must make sure the air in your house is pure. The easiest thing you can do about it is to vent the rooms every morning in order to bring fresh air in your house. You must also avoid cigarette smoke inside the house and periodically clean the chimney and change the filters in the air-vent system. A great help in cleaning the air in your house is brought by the whole house air purifier, which helps you remove air contaminants such as dust, pollen, mold spores and other allergens. Air purifiers use ion-based technology to decompose bad odors and harmful particles in the air, so that you and your family can breathe fresh and clean air, and can be protected against allergies and asthma. Humidity is another important characteristic of the air. In order to breathe good air, you must maintain a constant humidity level, therefore you can use an air humidifier in rooms with dry air, or an dehumidifier in spaces where the air is humid and enhances the risk of mold and dampness. Dehumidifiers are perfect for bathrooms and laundry rooms, but also for areas where temperature is not constant and favors humidity. Read some dehumidifier reviews if you want to find the best dehumidifier for your needs. Like all appliances, dehumidifiers have numerous features which are sometimes hard to understand, so reading some dehumidifier reviews will help you decide which products are truly useful. You can also find a great dehumidifier that your father will most certainly appreciate on websites such as

Make sure you drink clean water

As a life maintaining liquid and being a component of the human body, water is very important for a healthy development. If you doubt the quality of the water in your house, you can install a water filter to purify the water you and your family use. Water filters are the main method of water purification, removing impurities more efficiently than any other technique, involving a filter through which water passes and which blocks any impurities existing in the water, such as dust, chlorine, sand, iron, bacteria and fungus. You can opt for faucet filters, that purify the water running at a specific faucet, or whole-house filters that attach to your house’s main water pipe and cleans all the water in your house. Our advice would be to opt for the best whole house water filter system. Unlike countertop or under sink units, the whole house filters will offer you a complete protection against water contaminants, filtering not only your drinking water, but the whole water that you use. Moreover, whole house systems are meant to be used for over 10 years. The best whole house water filter system models come with extensive warranties of up to 15 years, therefore don’t settle for anything less than the best. Nevertheless, regardless of the type of water filter that you decide upon, make sure to read some reviews before investing in a particular filter model. On, you can find some great reviews on the best filter models available on the market.

Positive Parenting Techniques

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Being a good parent means teaching your child discipline, responsibility, gratitude and self control. A well raised child is not one that does exactly what they are told to do without disturbing anyone, but one that makes the right decisions, learns about consequences and takes responsibility for their own actions. Discipline rewards the child for appropriate behavior and discourage the inappropriate one, using fair and positive means. Some parents think that discipline means physical punishment, such as hitting, slapping and verbal abuse such as yelling or threatening the child, but this is not discipline nor good parenting. No parent is perfect, but if you follow some simple positive parenting tips, you will manage to maintain a good relationship with your child while helping them become a responsible adult.

Positive parents inspire with love

Positive parenting doesn’t only bring advantages for your child, but it also benefits their relationships with other important adults in their life, as well as it gives you moral satisfaction. As children develop they go through different stages and processes that help them interact and bond with people. Positive parents teach the child that their personal actions and feelings matter, and that relationships based on love and trust are stable, no matter the circumstances. Children must learn selflessness and that the best reward is not material, but spiritual.

Positive parenting implies positive thinking

One of the best positive parenting tips is for the parents to impose positivity in their life as well. Parents have the obligation of keeping their children as far from worries as possible, in order to avoid loading their little minds with daily adult struggles. As they grow old, children will have time to burden themselves with worries, but childhood is about serenity and peace, therefore parents must inspire them with optimism and kindness.

Teach your children the importance of routine

Children learn how to behave by imitating the adults around them and enjoy when they know what is expected of them and the order of events,as being able to predict what will happen makes them feel safe The same thing happens with children’s behavior reactions. The child must know which will be the reaction of adults and whether it will be correct and consistent. If your child does something wrong which amuses you, don’t show them you are laughing, in order to help them understand they did a bad thing and not to confuse them.

Explain to your child the consequences of their actions

Help your child understand that any action has repercussions and that they must assume what they do, whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. Rewards are a good way of making a child understand they should try to behave, but you must not let them think they will be rewarded at any time and for every action, as well as you must not induce the idea that good deeds pass unnoticed. Balance is very important in every situation.

Tips for Growing Your Own Cooking Herbs

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Everybody loves a delicious food, seasoned with herbs that give it taste and smell and spice it so that it will become a great dish. The right herb can turn a plain stew into a work of art and can give a steak what it needs to be delicious, so dare to use herbs and combine them in the food you cook. To make sure you will get the best results from the most flavorful herbs, grow your favorite ones in your garden or keep them in hand on your kitchen counter, as the following tips will show you how to grow your own cooking herbs.

What herbs can you grow?

There are thousands of herb that are grown all around the world to add flavor to the dishes and some of them are very easy to handle in an indoor garden or a flower pot on your window sill. Basil is one of them and even if you don’t use it in every dish, you will definitely enjoy its powerful smell that will scent your kitchen. The same happens with mint, another herb that you can grow in a small pot in your kitchen, along with tarragon, rosemary, parsley, lavender, oregano, and chives. All these delicious and flavorful herbs will enhance every dish you will make and it is best that you keep them within reach and use them fresh from the pot.

Tips for growing herbs

  • It is easy to plant herbs using seeds that are inexpensive and can be bought from your local seed shop. You simply have to plant the seeds in a rich and well-draining soil and avoid adding supplemental fertilizer, as the taste and scent of herbs tend to be richer when they are grown in lean conditions.
  • You may be tempted to water your herbs very often, considering they will be within your reach, but over watering can seriously damage your herbs because the roots will start to rotten. Only water the herbs when the first inch of soil dries out and avoid letting them sit in trays filled with water.
  • Besides soil and water, your herbs will need plenty of light. If your kitchen has many windows, the sunlight will help the herbs grow, but if the kitchen is poorly lighted, you will need a hydroponic growing system, or a Led grow light. You can opt for panels that provide a colorful spectrum of light for each stage of the growing process, or you can get a LED kitchen garden that consists of a base where you place the pots and a hood with grow lights that promote the growth of the herbs. Besides the effects it has on the herbs, this will be an interesting decorating item for your kitchen.
  • Help your herbs grow evenly and straight by rotating them once a week so that the light will reach every side of the plant. A plant that will only stay in one position facing the light source will tend to grow leggy and weak, which is not something you would want.

How to Keep Veggies Fresh in the Refrigerator

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Everybody tends to buy more food than they can eat, and sometimes store it too much time in the refrigerator and the food starts to go bad. Vegetables are very fragile and are likely to spoil if not kept properly, therefore you should know which type of veggies goes in the fridge and which type stays in the pantry. For keeping the veggies fresh in the refrigerator, here is what you should pay attention to. If you read the fridge reviews on, you will see that the latest refrigerator models come with innovative vegetable drawers. By providing them with an optimum humidity level and temperature, these fridges can keep the vegetables fresher for longer periods of time. For those of you who cannot afford a new fridge, we have some great ideas:

Smartly pack your veggies

If you want to keep your vegetables for a few days, without preparing “supplies”, a good option is storing them in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3-4 degrees, in the special fruit and vegetable containers. You can keep so the beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers and mushrooms or even zucchinis. If you love the greens, remember that you can maintain them fresh up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator in bunches, wrapped at the top and placed in a jar with water. Lettuce and spinach, placed in plastic bags with a little air inside, can be kept fresh for several days. Storing the vegetables in the refrigerator after being packed in containers with suction, allows keeping them up to 8-10 days compared to 1-4 days as they would resist in bags or pots.

Remove the spoiled vegetables

Vegetables that are stained, overripe or spoiled must be removed from the refrigerator because they can contaminate and easily spoil the healthy products stored nearby. Healthy vegetables that have intact skin, are quite resilient, so, before putting them in the refrigerator check them and remove the ones scratched, bruised or broken. Eventually, you can cook these or freeze them immediately after cutting off the damaged part.

Wipe away the excess water

Excess water damages the vegetables, therefore, make sure they are dried before storing them in the refrigerator. Be careful when buying leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, dill or parsley and wipe the water from them to make sure they will last longer.

Sort and separate the vegetables

There are some vegetables that must not be kept in the refrigerator, like the tomatoes, because they release a substance called ethene, which can manage to spoil even the other vegetables that are stored in the same fridge container. Some vegetables, like peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, beans, cabbage or eggplant must not come in contact with fruits and vegetables that release ethene, because they will spoil rapidly.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Mold and Keep it from Threatening Your Family’s Health

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Your family’s health is very important and you use everything that can come in handy when it comes to protecting it. In a house, the air that you and your family breathe must be clean and fresh in order to maintain a good health, therefore you have to make sure you don’t let your family breathe unclean air. The air we breathe may contain various impurities, such as allergens,dust, fungus and pollen, that can cause allergies and asthma.

Mold is unpleasant and dangerous for your health

One of the biggest problems you may encounter in your home is mold. In addition to deteriorated walls and unpleasant view, in time you and your family members can develop serious health problems, especially if one of you suffers from allergies, skin irritation or asthma. Mold is a fungus whose spores spread easily on wet surfaces and in rooms where the air’s humidity level is high and the water vapors are deposited on the walls, therefore it is possible that you confront this problem especially in bathrooms and kitchen, where steam produced by hot liquids creates proper conditions for the mold. Mold can grow anywhere, not only on walls but also on carpets, furniture, clothes or paper, and it can destroy the surfaces it comes in contact with.

Fight mold using traditional methods

Mold thrives in cold and unlit areas, therefore a proper ventilation and warming of the rooms is the first step in the battle against mold. Open the windows on sunny days and close them when it is raining and keep a high and constant temperature in the rooms. Never rub a moldy surface with a wet cloth because you will only manage to spread the spores, instead use chlorine or sodium bicarbonate to clean the area. You can find in stores professional solutions that you spray on the surfaces attacked by mold and in a few hours the spores disappear.

A dehumidifier is efficient in fighting mold

In order to solve the problem, you can also purchase a device called a dehumidifier, which absorbs the moist air, cools it using a refrigerant, stores the resulted water in a container and then releases warmer and drier air. A domestic dehumidifier is useful for maintaining a normal humidity in living spaces, where air quality is very important for the health of the entire family especially if you have children. Besides protecting the construction from mold and dampness,it is useful for drying clothes, therefore you can use it in living rooms, bathrooms, basements and dryers. These products can be very versatile and their prices can also differ from one brand to another. When searching for such a device, make sure to keep in mind the size of the area where you want to use it as well as the conditions in that room. For example, the basement is a lot more humid than other parts of the house and it as also colder. Therefore, check out the best basement dehumidifier reviews in order to find a unit for the basement, because a plain room dehumidifier won’t handle the conditions of that room.

Outdoor Family Activities for Winter

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As winter begins to install, cold temperatures force us to spend more and more time inside our warm and cozy houses. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go outside with your family and enjoy the snow and the winter ambiance. In this article, we have gathered some outdoor family time ideas that will definitely turn into some wonderful memories.

Build a snowman

The best thing about winter is that you can create snowmen. Every child loves to build snowmen in the yard, especially during the holidays. After managing to form a snowman’s body, children can begin to use their imagination to find materials for the “humanization” of the snowman: a carrot goes for the nose, buttons instead of eyes and a scarf around the neck will complete the masterpiece.

Transform snow removal into a game

Even cleaning the snow in your yard can become a fun activity if you gather all your family members and race them in order to see who can clean the fastest. You will definitely have a snow fight by the end of the day and the kids will be delighted!

Go sleighing

No wonder Santa chose it as his personal vehicle. Nothing seems to be more fun than the sensation of being carried by the sleigh through the cool winter air. All you have to do is put on warm clothes, find a hill suitable for sleighing, get your sled and prepare yourself for hours of fun.

Learn how to ski or improve your skiing skills

Winter sports can also make for great family time ideas so if you are a fan skiing, you can take your family on a trip to a mountain resort where you can practice skiing on specially designed ski runs. Whether you are a professional skier, or you are newly initiated in the secrets of skiing, you can opt for longer or shorter runs and you don’t even have to own a ski equipment because you can rent one right on the skiing run.

Put on your skates

Skating can be a slippery activity quite difficult for beginners, especially for small children. But when you and your family begin to understand the whole mechanism, you will become true enthusiasts of this sport. Just make sure you don’t practice it on your front stairs, but on a special rink.

Warm up your body in cold winter days

If physical activities in cold temperatures turn out to be exhausting, but you still don’t want to stay inside, you can always enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with your family on your patio. You can create a warm ambiance with the help of an infrared patio heater, the perfect device that emits heat with the help of infrared rays, the same way that sun emits heat through its rays. The infrared patio heater is perfect to warm your patio on cold days so that you can spend some wonderful winter afternoons on it. The best infrared heater for patio should be made of a durable material that can withstand the outdoor conditions. For safety reasons, opt for a heater that can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. A standing patio can be tipped off by the wind and break unless it has a solid support. Nevertheless, buying the best infrared heater for patio will be a great excuse to spend time outdoors in the winter, despite the freezing temperatures.

Beauty Tips that You can Pass on to Your Daughter

Written by Roy Sanders. Posted in Parenting

Beauty is a combination of pretty face and warm heart, although you must agree that the exterior beauty is the one that first impacts you. As a good mother, you can teach your daughter how to make a good impression on a job interview or when she will meet her future mother-in-law with the help of a neat manicure and a clean face. There are some simple, yet effective things you can pass on to your daughter.

Give the face extra attention

The face is extremely important and you must take care of it if you want to look good. A proper make-up removal and a moisturizing face cream will make your face skin softer and shinier. You can advice your daughter to prepare a bowl of steaming hot water and chamomile flowers in order to clean her skin. She just has to put her face above the steams, cover her head and the bowl with a towel in order to keep all the steam inside the towel and relax while the chamomile infuses and cleans her skin.

From head to toe

Nourish your body using a cream lotion after you shower and scrub your skin using an exfoliating cream, protect your hands from freezing, scrub your heels with a gentle abrasive brush and apply foot cream before you go to bed,are all tips you can use in order to protect your body skin and make it look healthy and radiant. Coffee or corn flour serve as natural exfoliators, and olive oil will moist and hydrate your skin naturally.

Hair tips

When it comes to beauty, the hair is the most influential factor. A common woman can look like a goddess if she has the right hairstyle and the right hair color. The right hairstyle should frame your face, hiding your flaws and highlighting your best features. The right hair color can add texture to your haircut. It can also highlight your skin tone and the color of your eyes.

Don’t forget about the nails

Nails are a person’s business card, therefore a neat manicure is essential if you want to make a good impression. Regularly push your cuticles to the bottom of the nail, cut your nails without hurting yourself and apply a coat of nail hardener. Take care of your nails using olive oil or castor oil and apply a thick layer on your nails every night, for two weeks. You can also mix egg yolk and honey in order to obtain a natural moisturizing cream that will nourish your nails and hands. This combination is also good for the hair in order to make it shiny and healthy.

The eyes are the soul’s mirror

Protect your eyes by removing your make-up with circular moves before you go to sleep, so that you avoid wrinkles. Use special eye cleanser different from the one you use on your face, due to the fact that the skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the one on the rest of the face. Enlarge your eyes by helping your eyelashes grow bigger. You can read the latest eyelash growth serum reviews in order to see which the best products are. You can buy these serums from cosmetic stores, or you can apply castor and olive oil on your lashes from the root to the top. If you read the latest eyelash growth serum reviews, you will see that castor oil extracts can be found even in the most expensive serums. Therefore, why not use these remedy in its natural shape. This ways your lashes will become thicker, longer and more defined.

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