Autumn dresses – what models to choose and how to accessorize them

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Fashion

Dresses would be a woman’s first choice no matter how cold or hot the weather is. They are easy to dress up and down, and you would have no difficulties in styling them according to your taste. But, when the autumn comes, you might have some issues in deciding what items are the right ones for this season, because trends are always changing, and you have to keep up with them. But who says that you cannot take your dresses from summer to autumn, the key is only to layer them with some jackets and sweaters and jazz them up with a pair of fabulous shoes. If you have no idea what models are in trend this year check out at here, you would find the most amazing items, both chic and casual.

Chiffon dresses and autumn accessories

Who says that you cannot wear your favorite chiffon dresses in the autumn, it all lays in the details. Mini dresses or maxi ones could be matched with a pair of boots, according to your preferences and style. So if you want to wear a mini chiffon dress, then you can accessorize it with an over-the-knee velvet pair of boots. If you want to obtain a more casual look, then you can opt for motorcycle, ankle or combat shoes. You can complete the look with a leather or denim jacket if you are wearing motorcycle boots or with ponchos and faux-furs if you opt for over-the-knee shoes. If you are looking for some extra warmth, add a beanie or scarf.

Long fluid dresses

Autumn seems to be the perfect moment when you can wear some of the long dresses you have in your wardrobe. If in the summer all that material would make you sweat, now you can take them out of the closet and accessorize them with different shoes and tops. Long fluid dresses simply scream sophistication, but the key is too pair them with the right items. Therefore, if you are opting for a satin one, then you should match it with a bit of fur and some gold accessories. It is the perfect outfit for a formal event. If you opt for one in a more bold color as yellow, and which features stripes, you can match it with a pair of sneakers, and a knit sweater if you want to wear it in the evening.

Skater dresses

Every woman needs a little break from wearing heels from time to time, so you can take a look in the online stores and see what skater dresses you could find. They could be long or short sleeved, and you can pair them with chunky jackets or coats on the top, and ankle boots. For a little bit of color choose a shirt-dress with a stripes pattern, and match it with a leather jacket. It is the perfect combination for a grungy-cool look, and you can wear it in the weekend or whenever you consider that, a causal look is needed  

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