Baby’s first year – a guide for first time parents

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Family Business

Being a first time parent is overwhelming. You do not know what to do, you do not know what to expect, and the majority of time you are stressed out because you are not sure if you are doing things the right way. But you should not be worried, you will be a great parent, all you have to do is inform yourself ahead to know what to expect from. The following months will be amazing, and you should take advantage of the time you spend together with your little one. In no time they will grow up and you will miss these days.

Babies grow fast

This is one of the things that will surprise you. Babies grow fast so before you know they start talking and you miss the days when they were crawling down the carpet. You should expect to have clothes they have not dressed once, toys they no longer use, and foods they like no more. You will have to adapt. You will need to buy new clothes, new toys and prepare them new dishes. If you plan to have another child in the future, then it is advisable to store the clothes and toys your child no longer needs, because you will use them then. Because your house is already cluttered, a great idea is to rent a storage unit and place there all the things you do not use at the present moment. Search online storage units near me and you will find multiple options from which to choose.

You will have to baby proof your house

When the baby starts crawling they discover that they can go anywhere, and this means that they encounter dangers. You will have to pack away the heirloom candlesticks and the fragile decoration items, because there are great chances they to break them. Make sure that you cover the edges of tables and other furniture items with bumpers, because they will be softer in case the little one bumps into them.

You will have to learn new games

Children love to play, and if you want your baby to be all smiles, then you should learn as many games as possible. If at the beginning they will be thrilled with the simple peekaboo game, later they will want to play something more complex. The peekaboo game is the preparation stage for the hide-and-seek games, you will play with the little one. The hide and seek games help your children accommodate with your absence because you will have to prepare them for the period when you will get back to work. You will also have to learn your baby to use their hands because during the first months they will keep their fingers grasped in their fist. Buy them little toys they can take into their hands and help them explore new things. Children love blocks so you should buy them blocks made from materials as cloth, plastic or wood and encourage them to use them. Also stuffed animals can help them improve their dexterity, so you should buy them a few.

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