Become an urban fashion trendsetter with these few tips

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Fashion

Although women are usually the ones to follow the trends and to be practically obsessed with all that has to do with fashion, men have also started to give this topic more attention, and to adopt various styles. The best part about fashion is that is extremely versatile, and you can look remarkably trendy, while still wearing items you feel comfortable in. When it comes to urban clothing, you have an extensive selection of items to choose from, depending also on your personal preferences and taste in fashion. A few tips can help you succeed in becoming the urban trendsetter you desire to be.

Wear your hoodies with personality

In terms of fashion trends, hoodies are more in than ever, but it all comes down to how you choose to wear them. With a pair of designer shorts in a bright color, or with some prewashed jeans, you will rock the hoodie and have a trendsetting look. Trends are not always about the clothing items you choose to wear in particular, but how you combine them to create the overall look. A hoodie can be extremely fashionable if it is accessorized properly and matched with the right clothing items and shoes.

Accessorize all the way

An outfit without accessories is incomplete, so do not leave the house without accessorizing your look accordingly. A snapback with a funny print, a pair of designer shades and a fashionable backpack can turn a dull outfit into an eye-catching one. Even a pair of socks can be a great accessory if you use your creativity and combine them in a fun and stylish way with the rest of the look. Do not be afraid to wear scarfs, bandanas or even bracelets, which will give your look that unique touch and trendy vibe that any trendsetter should have.

Let your shoes say something about you

No urban style outfit is complete without a pair of matching fashionable sneakers. Although, wearing this shoe style is perfectly fine, even recommended, you should avoid opting for the classic white, or black pair and switch to a more unique option. The shoes you choose to wear can either make or ruin your outfit, so be very careful. Let your choice of footwear say something about you. Metallic colors or a shoe design that is out of the ordinary are always a good idea. Regardless if you are wearing an all-black outfit, with the right sneakers, you will be the trendsetter you want. The street style adopted by today’s fashion gurus and celebrities has evolved significantly by including more versatile, yet fashionable items. As a man, comfort probably comes first, but you can still have a fashionable appearance, without compromising your personal comfort, by including in your wardrobe a few must-haves. If you desire to become a trendsetter yourself, then find an online clothing store that can provide you with the essentials in terms of clothes, accessories and footwear. Keep these tips in mind, and see yourself turn into a style inspiration.

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