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Once the baby is born, not even your own life seems as important anymore, your whole attention and energy being now focused on that little human that you gave birth to. They come into this world being fragile and not being able to speak when they want or need something, and even the slightest sounds can bother them and make them cry. Any parent of a newborn knows how hard it is to raise a baby, and how precious are the moments when the little one is sleeping and the parent gets to rest as well. In order to have a peaceful night’s sleep as the parent of a baby, the baby has to sleep through the night too, which may sometimes seem impossible. Read the following lines if you want to find out which are the best solutions for your baby to have a peaceful and long sleep, especially during the night, when you need to sleep as well.

Place a sound machine in the nursery

A sound machine is the ideal solution to cover the background noises which may bother the baby’s sleep and make the small one make up. In addition, because the sound machine can produce a series of songs that have baby friendly themes, like nature sounds for example, making the small one sleep easier as well. One of the most beloved sound machines used in nurseries is the Cloud B Sleep Sheep, and it only costs $30. It comes in the form of a cuddly sheep, the sound machine being inside the stuffed toy. The design made it so successful, because the baby doesn’t only get to enjoy the soothing sounds it produces, but he will have a new stuffed toy to hug and snuggle with as well. According to recent studies, aside from soothing lullabies, white noise is also very efficient in inducing sleep and so are nature sounds. Check out if you want to see which are the best white noise and sound machines.

A relaxing bath before sleep

Let’s face it, a long warm bath before bed time is the perfect way to get a peaceful night’s sleep for all of us, therefore babies make no exception from this rule. Instead of bathing the baby earlier in the evening, program the small one’s bath before putting him in the crib to sleep, and the baby will fall in a heavy sleep for sure. Put some rubber ducks in the bath, fill it with warm water, add some bubbles to the mix, and bathe the small one while playing with him in the tub to make sure you are tiring him, to be sure that he will fall asleep fast.

Sing to your little sunshine

No matter if you have a voice with which you could participate in a singing contest, or you sound horrible when you sing, your voice is the most lovely voice for your baby. Nothing is more relaxing the small one like your voice is, therefore you should sing lullabies to the baby every night until he falls asleep, and you can be sure that he will not only have a good night’s sleep, but he will have good dreams as well.

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