Building the perfect inground pool – important steps

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Home

If you have sufficient space in your yard, why not take fully advantage of it and build a modern inground pool? Enjoying a swim in the afternoon or throwing regular pool parties will soon become tradition with a concrete swimming pool at your disposal. However, planning your dream pool can be a bit stressful at first, because you will need to consider your obligations and choose between various options. From selecting the ideal design for you yard to hiring experienced Ajax Inground pools builders, you will need to follow some steps along the process.

Choose a design

First comes first, decide on a design that suits your lifestyle and the decor of your yard. There are various models to choose from, fiberglass, vinyl-line or concrete. A concrete pool might be a more flexible option, because it can be designed in any shape and size. Although, the building process might take a bit longer, the results will certainly be worth the while. Choose the design of your taste, but consider how many people will be using the pool as well, to make sure you select the right size.

Apply for a building permit

Inground pools are usually subjected to zoning and building regulations, so inform yourself about the legal requirements, and obtain the permits necessary before initiating the building process. Only after receiving approval, the work can begin. The zoning and building rules can vary from one city to another, so do a bit of research, and find out more information about the local regulations, such as pool barriers, setback distance, septic tanks or sewer lines.

Pick the ideal spot

Another essential consideration is siting the pool. The spot you choose to install it is almost as important as the swimming pool itself. Make sure the pool is not situated near trees, block the breeze if possible and save some room for other pool accessories, such as a slide or bench seats. Of course, if your yard space is limited, choosing a spot will not be difficult at all.

Hire the right contractor

Last but not least, hire the right builder for the job. Although there are various companies that offer these kind of services, not all of them are equally reliable. Because a pool building project is not as easy to handle as it may seem, you should resort to the services of a well-established company with numerous satisfied clients and competitive prices. Research is key, when it comes to selecting a pool contractor, so take all the time you need to browse through the various offers found online and make the best choice for you. Adding an inground pool to your yard is certainly a decision you will not regret, but it is important to make sure you have thought every aspect carefully through, and at the end of the building process enjoy the excellent results. From choosing the right design and size, to picking the perfect backyard location and hiring a competent contractor, follow each one of these few steps.

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