Choosing the right food for your dog

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Health

A pet dog is also a member of the family and requires attention as same as that of the other members of the household. Dogs need to be fed, taken to the vet and be given the right type of nutrition. The health of your pet depends primarily on nutrition, and feeding your dog the wrong food can cause some health issues in the long run for your pet.  A well-balanced diet, by feeding it only with healthy food. There are many pet-food stores on the market, but you need to carefully choose the right one. A reputable supplier, such as, have a variety of products, including different healthy pet food alternatives. Tips on choosing the right food for your pets:

Read the label

Before making a purchase,  read the label first. Look for organic ingredients with more nutritional values. Regardless of breed, any dog requires several type of nutrients, such as proteins or carbohydrates. The basic nutrition needs of any dog include fiber, an acceptable level of fat and protein.  The minimum amount of protein necessary for an adult dog is usually 18%, but it can vary from one breed to another. Read the label thoroughly, and make sure the food contains a minimum of protein and a maximum of fiber. The ingredients written on the label will help you decide if the food is of high quality. Look for ingredients such as chicken, rice or fish, the most suitable choices for dog food.  

Age and activity level

When it comes to nutrition, age and activity level play an important role. These factors influence the nutritional needs of your dog. A young puppy, for example, will require a higher level of calories than an adult one. If your dog has an increased level of energy, then a larger amount of food might be necessary. Determine its activity level to make sure you provide it with all the nutrients necessary. If you are uncertain of your dog needs, then it is best to ask the advice of an expert specialist who can guide you. A reliable online store can give you options for adults and puppies.

Food specific to breed

Pet food is usually categorized according to breed. You have the possibility of opting for formulas, which have been created to meet the nutrition needs of a particular breed. It is best to purchase pet food from a supplier who offers you several options, in terms of food and treats. You should not limit your options to a single type of product. Establish a nutrition plan for your dog and make a change in its diet from time to time. Beef jerky or beef liver balls are acceptable treats, which will not harm the health of your dog. Therefore, keep in mind to assure your dog of a healthy and happy life.

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