Common moving mistakes and how to avoid them

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Home

  Moving is always a stressful endeavour, whether you are only renting a room somewhere or an entire house. Naturally, the more things you need to move, the more complicated this task begins. Some people choose to hire dedicated removal companies others take this task upon themselves, however there are always a few things to consider in order to avoid creating other problems for yourself or damaging your belongings. With this being said, here are the most common problems that people make when moving and solutions on how to avoid them:

They try to move the piano on their own

Pianos are delicate instruments that need to be moved around gently in order to avoid damaging them. Even one damaged cord can ruin the entire experience and cause you to pay extensive repair costs. This is why if you have such an instrument that needs to be moved from one location to another, it is best to hire specialised piano removal North London services. These specialists will know what needs to be done to remove the piano safely from the house and deliver it to its next home. Even if you don’t want to hire removal services for the rest of your home, this is one of those things that it is just safer and easier to do.  

They buy cheap packaging

You might think that you are saving money by choosing to buy the cheap boxes over the more expensive ones, but once all your things will be spread on the ground and damaged beyond repair, you will come to regret this decision. Stay on the safe side and spend a little more money on packaging materials. You can probably store some of it in case you want to move again in the near future, so your money will not go completely to waste, but even so: would you prefer to replace a valuable belonging or spend a little more on solid boxes  

Not bothering to label

You might know where everything is right now, but once you start staking boxes in your car and moving things around, you will soon find yourself in a complicated situation where some things are nowhere to be found or they are in literally the last box you open. Once you start packing, take some time and add a small label on each box that sums up the things in it. If you packed all the things in your bathroom, stick a bathroom label on it, or if you placed all the towels in one place, make sure you mark that box to avoid making a mess once you get to your new home.   These are just 3 of the most common mistakes that people make during moving. Even though this is a stressful task, if you take some time and put a few details in order, the experience will not be as bad as you initially expected. Of course, hiring a removal company will take a lot of the work off your hands, but these are still tips that apply in all situations.

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