Décor update: infusing modern rustic style into your living space

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Home

The inviting rustic style warmly embraces unrefined and unpretentious elements by interblending earth tones and textures inspired by the beautiful surrounding environment. People consider other design styles rustic as well including Farmhouse, Country, Lodge and Western. When entering a rustic home, you instantly notice an overwhelming amount of wood, natural fabrics, rusted metals, leather or suede, stone and rocks, pewter and outdoor elements. The rustic style evolved over time and an increasing amount of homeowners opt for a perfect balance between rustic and modern or contemporary because it exudes actuality and freshness, but also history and coziness. If you decide to infuse this unique style into your house, then you should become familiar with the basic rules, which refer to soft leather or rough-edged furniture, hand-stitched fabrics, warm-toned colors, distressed finishes and garden elements displayed in full sight for everyone to admire and appreciate. Remember that you want to combine the present with the past by achieving a modern rustic décor so you have to include items reminding of both periods.

Master the basics of modern rustic style and work your magic

Furthermore, taking into account that you already have an idea regarding the basics of rustic style, it is important to move on to the other half. Obviously, we are talking about the modern feel that you can obtain by keeping in mind these three words: simplicity, functionality and openness. Therefore, when choosing the furniture from Howss, fabrics and colors, you have to find strategic ways to observe the rules of both décor styles. If this sounds incredibly difficult, do not worry because this article has the purpose to guide you throughout the process by at least giving you some pieces of advice on how to make this popular combination work. At the end, you will enjoy an eclectic space matching your unique personality. First, if you already have large windows, then bringing the outdoors in no longer represents a daunting task. If not, you can just replace the curtains with lighter, almost transparent ones in order to let the natural light penetrate into your living room.

The main goal of your decorating project is to create contrast

The main idea of this process is to create contrast meaning that you can opt for modern furniture and rustic accessories or worn out furniture and modern technology to facilitate your everyday life. Nourish the contrast by playing with materials and putting together steel and wood. When it comes to the silhouette, you have two options: go with artistic curves or straight lines. You should know that furniture placement is crucial because it has the purpose to fuel conversation, which means that you have to create special areas filled with comfort and relaxation. Finally, yet importantly, purchasing and placing the right accessories in your living space will help you inject a lethal charm that will fascinate even the most pretentious guest. Right accessories for a modern rustic style are bold and country. You can even transform an eye-catching piece into the room’s focal point.

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