Family health: how to prevent mold in a humid climate

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Health

Mold is responsible for destroying not only the visual aesthetic of many houses, but also the health of many families. This white or black fungus can grow in rarely circulated and poorly lighted areas like cellars, basements, closets and bathrooms. Darkness and moisture create a perfect environment for mold to develop and spread, thus leading to significant damage because it practically feeds on materials like wool, silk, paper, wood, leather, cotton and linen. Moreover, the dangerous fungus can also cause various health conditions including skin irritation, sinus infections and allergies. Identifying the presence of mold is extremely easy due to the obvious signs that any homeowner notices eventually. These refer to a musty odor, watermarks on the ceiling and walls as well as orange, green, grey or black spots that expand in time. The truth is that mold does have a positive role on this earth: it helps decompose dead animals and toppled trees. However, this occurs outside, in nature. Your house includes different rules.

Efficient ways of preventing the appearance of mold in the house

Fortunately, preventing the appearance of these microscopic organisms is more than possible, even though you live in a humid climate. First, you have to identify the main sources leading to mold growth inside your home. Vinyl wall coverings that trap moisture, air conditioning duct joints that leak, overflows from washing machine, poorly ventilated bathroom or poorly constructed crawlspaces are elements that practically invite the mold to settle peacefully in your clean home. Of course, all these minor issues have solutions that you should apply as soon as possible. For instance, in the case of duct joints, you need to purchase a good sealant from the supply store. When it comes to the washing machine overflows, installing a drain pan in the room is more than enough. Since poor ventilation represents a major factor leading to the appearance of mildew and mold, keeping the windows open more often, installing a fan, particularly in the bathroom and reading some dehumidifier reviews in order to purchase a quality product will do.

Steps to follow when trying to eliminate mold

If you already experience problems caused by mold, then follow the steps mentioned below in order to remove this unwanted guest from your house. Obviously, taking into account the dangerous nature of this fungus, wearing proper equipment in order to protect your health during the intervention is crucial. By equipment, we mean special clothes, gloves, mask and even goggles, especially if the situation is more serious than you predicted. If the mold affected furniture or clothes, then you have to take them all outside and examine them attentively for deciding what you should keep and what you should throw away. Those items that you want to keep require thorough cleaning as well. Let them dry outside before placing them back in the house. You need a strong solution in order to remove the mold without destroying the integrity of the materials. Scrub the surfaces rigorously and allow them the necessary time to dry.

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