Fancy up your living room with these pieces

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Home

  Your living room needs some redecoration and you are out of ideas? We found some ideas for you in order to upgrade the looks on your living area. Buying just some essential pieces can make your room to look completely different. Items like the Cantilever TV Stand With Bracket can turn a boring design into an impressive one with minimum efforts. Recycling can also do a great job for the appearance of your home so avoid throwing away old furniture pieces. Below are a few ideas of new items you could invest in.

Add some personality with a new TV stand

Maybe you want to upgrade the style of your home and buy some modern furniture. Investing in a fancy TV stand is a good idea, in order to get more storage space for your sound system, DVD’s and remotes. You could easily turn your room in an entertaining home theatre by doing so. Buying a massive one will ensure you it will support the weight of your devices without any danger. Style wise, sharp, straight lines will create the illusion of a bigger space and will allow you to perfectly fit your devices inside. To repurpose the old one you could start by removing the doors and painting it a bright color. You could use it as a small bookcase or storage space for small items and place it by the entrance.

Add some decorative plants

You might be tempted to purchase some fake plants, but our advice is to avoid doing so. Most probably they are going to be poorly made replicas that are going to look cheap. If you are afraid of killing your plants, there are plenty of plants almost impossible to kill. Cactuses, for example, are very resilient plants. Wet them two times a month and they should be just fine. Effective but a little pretentious plants are orchids. If you have some experience with plants we strongly advise you to buy a few for your living area to make it look classier and more welcoming.

Change your rugs

It might moot seem a lot, but a new rug can completely change a room.  The market is full of rugs in different patterns, colours and textures, all you need to do is find the one that complements the best your living area. If you are going for a minimalist design, find a rug in one colour. If you are going for a bold look try finding one with a bright pattern. Cosy atmosphere is easy to achieve with a rug in a rustic design.

Buy a lamp for the details

The devil in details is not a myth, so buying some items you thought do not matter might help you a lot when redesigning your living room. Find a lamp that complements the rest of the design or maybe DIY it yourself. Is not hard to achieve a new look for your living area, all you need is a little imagination.

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