Guide to store your baby’s clothes for future use

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Family

Babies grow fast, and the pile of clothes that do not fit them is bigger and bigger. During the first months your baby will seem to double in size from one week to another and tons of laundry will remain without having anyone to wear them. These small socks do not fit your baby’s feet any longer but this does not mean that you have to take them to trash. If you plan to offer them a sibling, then you should carefully store them, and place them in a clean spot where they wait for the next owner. They are tiny treasures, and there is no reason you to invest again in the future, when these clothes have been barely worn a few times. You will be covered up the next time a little bundle of joy will come home. Here are some guidelines that will help you understand how you can store your little one’s clothes.

Clean them before placing them in boxes

You will have to check every clothing item to see if it is in a good state and to take it to the washing machine. Do not put a single item in a storage box before washing it with mild water and soap. In case some clothes feature stains, then you should treat them, because if they will stay too long in the fabric they will be difficult to be removed. In case you do not have room inside your house to store, the boxes with clothes then you should rent one of the storage units Colorado Springs because there the clothes will preserve their properties, and there will be no factors to deteriorate them.  

Check the size of the clothes

Before placing them in boxes, it is important to check the size of the items and to sort them according to the age when they can be worn. Every box should be labelled, so when the sibling will come, you will know exactly what box to take home from the storage space. This is a task that will take some time, but there is no hurry, you should make sure that you have everything prepared and stocked.

Sort them according to their type

After you arranged the clothes according to their size, it is advisable to sort them according to the season when they can be worn. Make a special box for the outfits that ca be worn on special occasions like holidays, on the beach or formal events. Also, you should store the toys and accessories designed for entertaining the baby, because they are some of the most expensive things someone can buy for a new-born.

Store them gradually

If you do not want to have a cluttered house, you should store them gradually and not wait for the pile of clothes to get to the ceiling. You should always have a box at hand, and when you notice that your baby is not using a certain toy, or some clothes do not fit him or her any longer place them in the box and take them to the storage space.  

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