Well Water Tastes Bad – How Can You Naturally Purify Well Water?

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Home

Owning a personal well implies lots of responsibilities and lots of work to do in order to keep it healthy and purified. It’s important to know exactly what to do in case there are any potential health risks when consuming it. Even though the sources are known to be safe, it’s recommended to make sure everything performs normally and, if not, to prevent all the harmful elements. There can be various reasons why well water can change its taste and smell, but how can we figure out, and, most important, how to get rid of these unpleasant situations? Fortunately, this is not a secret anymore, this is why it’s important to consider some relevant aspects. However, there’s a large number of people who drink well water, and if not properly treated, it can cause several issues such as vomiting, stomach pain, and so on. Usually, this is because there are contaminants from the environment that can change its quality. Still, purifying it in naturally is simple and effective by just considering some aspects. Let’s see how this can be done with just some easy, natural steps:  
  • Sunlight – Even though you might have not thought, the sun is the most important element that can help you with this kind of situation. It is, for sure, the solution to the problem as heat will purify and get rid of all the harmful elements into the well water. More to be mentioned, the sun is the biggest energy source, so it will add other improvements, as well, providing you with healthy, clean and clear drinking water.
How to do it: The process is a simple one as the only thing you have to do is to put some water into a transparent glass, let in under the sunlight, and wait for a couple of hours until the light and heat eradicate all the harmful elements, bacteria, and germs.
  • Scalding – Scalding the water is another way to get rid of all the pathogens, and is also one of the simplest methods, used by most people. However, let’s take look at the steps that should be done to obtain effective outcomes:
How to do it: For this, you’ll need a stove and a container where to insert the water. You can use either a kettle or a pot. Boil the water for about 5-7 minutes in order to eliminate all the microorganisms. Nevertheless, results and improvements will appear in just a short time.
  • Cover the top of the well – Surely, it’s an important aspect to consider if you want the water to be always clean and protected. Unfortunately, many people do not apply it. It’s known that wind is one of the biggest concerns when having a well, as it spreads all the elements directly within the well, this is why it’s recommended to properly cover that area.
How to do it: Go to a special shop and consider purchasing a suitable cover that corresponds to the size of the well. There are various types of covers, made of glass, plastic, and many other more. After all, it all depends on your needs and, obviously, on the size of the well. By using this type of cover, you’ll make sure there’s no potential risk of falling leaves or dirt.
  • Pressure – Attracting force is on the list, as well, as it plays a very important role when dealing with the unpleasant taste of well water. Even though it’s a method that might bring doubts, it’s still a good one, worth to try. Therefore, this is how it works:
How to do it: This step is not a big deal, as well, as you just need a jar able to let the water properly drain from the base and then to spill it at the top. This movement will practically eliminate all the noxious elements, providing you with fresh, natural water without having to use special systems.


Considering all these aspects, now you won’t have to spend lots of money on the acquisition of special technologies. Purification is now effortless by just considering the methods presented above. Nonetheless, if you still want to invest in a filtration system, you can check Popular Reviews for more info related to the products. All these comprehensive reviews will surely help you find a suitable product for your requirements.

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