How can you promote your E-books?

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Home

  Perhaps you are a talented author, with a few good books to offer, but you do not have the kind of exposure you need. Simply posting your ebooks on Amazon is not always the best solution. You can try other methods too and give your ebooks the right amount of exposure. Knowing the right place that can promote ebooks on another level, will perhaps bring you the amount of readers you have always dreamed of having. E few tips will probably help you to come closer to your success as an author.

Find a good website to promote your ebook

If you already have the latest book you have written up on Amazon, but you would like it to be accessed and bought by more people, you have the chance to register to a website that handles with ebook promoting, and can expose your ebook deal. As a first step you should register on such an website, and upload the books that you would want to be promoted. If you are already thinking that this may cost too much, you do not have to worry, because there are highly reputable websites that do it for free. This way you will have the possibility to promote any ebook you have written. You have to choose a promotion, in order for the book to be more appealing to possible readers, for example you can give an 50% discount to your ebook. Posting a good deal will probably attract more readers, and that is what you want, that is what will help you gain recognition as an author. This is a great opportunity for your writing career, you will never expect how many people will purchase and read your book.

Other strategies

If you want your ebook to be bought by as many people as possible, you should make them want to read your book. Give the first chapter away for free, and after reading it, the people’s interest will be heightened and they will probably want to purchase the book in order to find out what happens next. This is a good publicity method, and it will probably give you good results. For an improved result in enlarging the number of people interested in your book, you should ask the people who have already read it to write you reviews. This way if the reviews are positive, other people will be tented to read your book, when seeing the reviews. If the reviews have criticism also, you can always use it as constructive advice and improve your work. You will enjoy knowing the reader’s opinions about your book, it will give you the boost you need in your path as a writer. Another alternative of the free paragraph could be making a video promoting your book, and giving some interesting details away. You know how everybody likes watching all sort of videos, and maybe you will manage to have a bigger impact on people, bigger than you could think. Speak in the video about what you think is relevant and more appealing to possible readers, but be careful not to give away important twists from your ebook.  

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