How to be sure you should get a divorce

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Marriage

Maybe your relationship is not as good as it used to be. You do not feel those butterflies in your stomach when you see your partner anymore. However, this is not a clear sign your relationship went wrong. You do not feel those butterflies because you are not anxious around them anymore. You just got used with them and feel comfortable. However, if you are sure about getting a divorce, you should inform yourself regarding the procedure applied in an OC divorce process. If you have doubts about your marriage, below are some aspects you should take into account before filling the divorce papers.

1. You should analyze your feelings towards your partner

You might be just angry with them regarding a recent issue. If you are just trying to document regarding this matter, you should check this Avvo profile. However, before filling the divorce papers, you should ask yourself “Do I still have feelings for this person?” If you are in the situation of not having a certain answer, there are some clues you might not care about them so much. For example, if you stopped thinking in terms of a couple, if you stopped using “us” when referring to you and instead started using “me”, this might be a sign of you not being involved so much. However, if you are thinking in terms of a couple, you should not rush. You might be sorry after the process ends.

2. You should analyze the reasons you married your partner

If you did it only because he had a good financial status or, on the contrary, because of pure love, you might have a slight problem. Judging the success of a future marriage by only a single attribute your partner had, might be problematic. This is because issues on other levels might occur. For example, if you married your partner because of their social and financial status without loving them might make you emotionally frustrated. On the other hand, if you married of pure love, you might have missed some flaws the other person had. After a while, you started to notice them and begin to feel disappointed. If financial problems appear, the situation might get even worse.

3. You should be honest if you can cope with a divorce

Finding yourself alone after a number of years spent with somebody you share everything with can leave you with permanent emotional issues. Therefore, before getting a divorce, you can visit a therapist and discuss with them this matter. They can tell the best if you are emotionally prepared for a divorce or you can try some counseling sessions beforehand. However, if you are sure about filling those divorce papers, our advice would be to consult a professional divorce and custody attorney and discuss with them all the aspects involved. For example, if there are children involved, the process might prove a lot more difficult that you previously thought.      

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