How to save money for your honeymoon

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Fashion

Having a wedding and going on a honeymoon afterwards is quite difficult nowadays. A wedding means plenty of money, and if you remain with something afterwards, you would rather invest it in house improvement. However, there are a couple of expenses one could cut in order to save some money for their honeymoon. Starting with DIY décor elements, and continuing with hiring a gown or a suit for the couple, they are all great ideas for a budget-friendly wedding reception. This company specialised in bridegroom suit hire Leicester has all the necessary bits and pieces in order to offer a flawless outfit, at affordable prices. Let’s see which ones are the best methods of saving money when it comes to such events.  

1. Hire the groom’s suit

Wedding menswear is quite expensive. In order to look flawless one would have to spend hundreds of pounds. However, suite hire services have made the life of many couples easier by offering complete gear at under a hundred pounds. The suits are formed from a two piece suit, waistcoat, shirt, tie and pocket square or tie and pocket square, depending on the groom’s preferences, and for a modicum amount, the groom can have their suit assured for potential damage. And let’s face it, this is a great solution! A wedding suit will never be worn again, and this makes such an investment unworthy.

2. Purchase an affordable bridal gown

 A bridal gown is ridiculous expensive. However, certain retailers, generally where you find suit hire services, have bridal gowns for sale at more than half their prices. Also, with the variety you can generally find, every bride has chances to find something that tickles their senses for a fraction of the price. Coming in diverse designs, they can please plenty of clients.

3. DIY décor elements

You find décor elements out of your budget? You might want to try to create them yourself, if so. For instance, the table centrepieces can be done with a couple of candles and transparent vases, wild flowers and pinecones. You can add a couple of ribbons or other delicate fabrics if you want to create a more delicate look. However, the Internet is full of ideas that will save you plenty of money Make sure you follow these pieces of advice if you want to save a couple of pounds for your honeymoon. Weddings don’t have to be out of the budget.

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