Itaparica Island – a region with property investment prospects

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Real Estate

  People interested in real estate are always looking for promising places to invest in and nowadays one such good locations is Brazil. Contrary to what many people believe, Brazilian territories such as Itaparica Island are expected to develop in the following years, so you should think fast and consider investing in one of the luxury apartments that Bay View Projetos provides. Here are more details on the Island of Itaparica and how this region is said to boom in the next couple of years.  

The breath-taking view will convince anyone

Itaparica is one of the many islands in the Bahia state of Brazil, which is located only 13 kilometres away from the City of Salvador, the third biggest city in the country. The region is widely known as a quiet and peaceful place, with mesmerizing landscapes, which make it the perfect destination for a holiday residence or even for a permanent residence.

The bridge linking the island to Salvador brings a major change

Another significant change that is going to make the region boom is the bridge that is about to be built in the years that follow and that will link Itaparica to Salvador. Today, it takes nearly one hour to cross this distance by ferryboat, but once the bridge is finished, the amount of time spent on the road will be significantly reduced.

The real estate industry is booming

Companies such as Bay View Projetos, as well as numerous real estate experts agree to the fact that this region is going to develop a lot, especially once the bridge building project ends. This company has already started to promote the luxury apartments they sell in this region and already have pre sales for investors with a discounted pre sales reservation. The company saw a great business opportunity in this resort several years ago, when they decided to buy land in this region to use it later on to build the first luxury apartments in Itaparica. The apartments are well-positioned, providing amazing views of the ocean, making the place perfect not only for those who want to spend their holidays here, but also for those who want to make those apartments their permanent residences. It is for sure that many people living in the City of Salvador will be interested in investing in properties on the island and one of the main reasons is that they will want to get away from the rush, crowd and pollution in the city.

All projects are promised to be finished in only a few years

People do not have to wait for decades in order for this region to know economic boom, since numerous signs tell that it will only take a few years until the Island of Itaparica becomes another suburb of Salvador City. Besides turning the region into a luxury apartments resort, Bay View also has several other projects running that will make the entire island a perfect place to spend holidays, live in, invest and even start businesses in.

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