Keep your business facility safe this winter

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Family Business

It’s wise to prepare for season emergencies before the first snowfall. Most of the companies dealing with a major disaster don’t reopen especially if one of the employees is hurt. Small businesses are highly vulnerable to natural disasters because they have limited personnel and budget, so they find difficult to recover losses and restart operations. During winter, your facility can be exposed to more than floods and hurricanes, it can deal with winter storms that cause greater damage. And if you cannot prevent their effects, expect repairs to be costly.  Also, there is no standard to determine when the ice and snow accumulation is dangerous for employees, so you need to keep an eye on it and judge on yourself when to alter work practices to protect them from accidents. Here are some guidelines that can help you keep your business facility safe, this winter.

Install good lighting

During the cold season it gets dark earlier than during the rest of the year. The sun sets before 5 pm, so for the workers who finish work later, it’s difficult to see something if you don’t install proper light around the facility. It’s crucial to install good lighting on your premises during winter to secure the perimeter and avoid accidents. If you use sentrifugalspredere to remove snow your employees need to see the machines in time to avoid them. Install lighting at all exits and entrances to boost visibility. Good lighting also protects your business from theft, break ins and other crimes that can occur when people can get unnoticed for trespassing.

Use smart technology

When it’s snow outside it’s difficult to get to work because the roads are inaccessible. But you need to ensure your employees don’t miss work because they cannot leave their houses. It’s a great idea to use cloud technology to access information remotely when you cannot arrive at the office. Also, you can use technology to monitor the building to ensure no one breaks in. Ensure you have snøfresere Oslo to remove snow around the facility when storms hit because the last thing you need is frozen snow on the pathways.

Have a security assessment

During winter, you spend a lot of time inside the office because even if you have a green garden outside the headquarters where you can enjoy fresh air, you cannot spend time there when the wind blows and the sky rains with snowflakes. It’s the perfect time to plan security improvements and check your existing ones. To ensure you adopt the right measures you need to have a security risk assessment. It will reveal how many utility vehicles you need, if you need to hire feiemaskiner, and if you should install more cameras. You can collaborate with a professional security company to assess the property and make recommendations. They have experience and can identify the vulnerable spots in your facility. The security assessment will help you make informed decisions when you adopt new security measures.  

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