Light up your patio – key tips

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Family

A patio is the perfect place where to spend time in the summer, but there are times when you want to read or do other activities which require light. In case you do not prefer candles, then you should consider investing in outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is a great investment both if you want to organise barbeques with your friends, or you want to sell the house in the future, because it will raise the value instantly. When people are entering your garden, the first thing they would notice would be the light fixtures, so you cannot purchase any model, if you want to impress them. No matter if you want to purchase the outdoor lighting from an online store or from a showroom, you should consider some key tips, if you want to be sure that you make the best decision.

Light fixtures size

When choosing outdoor lighting people make a common mistake, they purchase small items, which do not have the power to light up the space. If you already have light fixtures in your patio, you should not consider that their size is the right one, because the space might suffered some changes since the moment of their installation. Also, many propriety owners choose to purchase smaller fixtures because they are cheaper. Consider that they would not look so big in your patio as they do in the showroom, so if you have to choose from two different sizes, choose the larger one.

Choose a complementing colour

As you have already seen, outdoor lighting comes in a wide variety of colours, so you have to consider the colour scheme from your garden before deciding upon the light fixtures you are buying. If you like earth tones, you should choose bronze ones, because they would enhance the beauty of your patio. Also, this type of light fixtures might vary in shade, so you can find on the market from black gold to marbleized mahogany products. In case you are not decided on the look of the patio, you can choose black ones, which would look beautiful on different designs. There are some light fixtures which come in white, and they are suited for the houses which are painted in black on the exterior.

Find the perfect style

You have to see what style features your house has, because according to them you would have to decide upon the style of the light fixtures. In case your house is recently built, it might not feature a certain style, but might incorporate characteristics from different designs. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the architectural features of your house, and purchase a lighting system that complements these characteristics. It is recommended to purchase also fixtures for the front door, when you buy ones for the patio, because they have to share the same features. It is important for the outdoor lighting to be part from the same system, because in case you want to sell the house, the buyers will want to invest in a property which is well-organised and beautifully decorated.

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