Living in a student accommodation? Activities you should join

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It is said that there is not better choice than living in a student accommodation during the university, because this is your chance to make new friends and have a lot of fun. The college years are seen as a transition period, you learn how to become independent, how to deal with real life situations but in the same time you have a lot of fun. You should choose to stay in a student accommodation Aberystwyth, because all your neighbours will be also students and you will get along very well. However, in case you are a first year student you should join some activities, which will help you adapt and make new friends.

Learning groups

In a student accommodation are living students from different faculties, and they are organised in different groups for helping each other, and helping first year students get accustomed with the new environment. Therefore, the first thing you should do when arriving at the student accommodation, would be to search for the group created by the students from your faculty and join it. In this way, you will benefit from a lot of help during the exams period and older students will help you learn effectively. They know what specific requirements every professor has, and they can share with you tips, which will help you get good marks.

Sports groups

You should join one of these groups because you will definitely want to spend your free time in an enjoyable way, and they are the best option. Because there are so many students, there is a group for almost every possible sport, so you will be able to practice your favourite one. Also, you should know that sport is a great way of helping people to form new bonds, because compared with the learning groups, where you might not like certain objects other members do, in this situation you have a lot of things in common with the people who join sports groups.

Film nights

These locations have different spaces, which offer student the opportunity to spend time together, and this allows students to organise different activities. A common one is the film night, a certain film is chosen by the students, and they are all gathering to see and comment it. It is amazing to watch a movie together, because you might have missed some scenes, while you were checking your messages, so your colleagues can help you to catch up. Also, some movies have an interesting and ambiguous script, and you might not fully understand it, so being a lot of people in the same room, and watching it, means that you can share your ideas and make a brainstorming. Watching the movie itself might not be so funny and interesting, but a film night means that you can spend the after movie time together to chat about it and even more. There are plenty of activities you should join, when you are living in a student accommodation, and all of them have the purpose to help students get along.

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