Main reasons why you should work with a general contractor

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When deciding to build or renovate, many people think that they can save money if they act as their own general contractors. Especially when they have to handle a simple project, they consider that it would be easier if they will do the job. You might have the misconception that it is easy to renovate your house, but you should know that this might run you into serious problems. This is a common situation, because in many cases general contractors are called to take over projects that have gone wrong. Renovating your house is a time consuming and complicated project, so it is advisable to work with a professional general contractor Scranton. Specialists discourage homeowners to act as their own general contractors, because they do not have the required experience in this domain. A general contractor knows that a project includes different aspects, as electrical work, drywall installation, carpentry, painting, floor covering and even HVAC installation, and they are able to handle all these aspects.

GC handle the paperwork

Any building or renovating project requires paperwork, and you might not have knowledge on what this implies. But a professional will make sure to obtain the permitting paperwork for the project, and they will also obtain insurance for the jobs that are done on your site. They will also obtain all the other certificates required in this situation. They are experts in this domain, so they definitely know their way around the building department and they can establish a relationship based on trust with the building inspectors.

GC offers you the best price for your project

You will have to inform the constructor of the aspects of your project, and they will make sure to obtain competitive bids for the trades necessary for the work. A good general constructor will also make suggestions to the architect on what cost-saving measures should be considered during the project. Also, they have the role to review the plans and drawings, and in case they consider necessary, they will offer field measurements to avoid expensive change-orders.

GC supervises the development of the project

An expert will visit the site regularly to verify and inspect the quality of the work done by the subcontractors, and they will also secure your property against dumping, vandalism and graffiti. Also, they have the role to set alarms and thermostats, coordinate meter reading and watch for possible roof leaks. They will act as your representative on site, and they will meet with the fire marshal and be an ambassador with your neighbors.

GC coordinates the work

Their major role is to coordinate all the work on your property. They are responsible with the final project and in case you are not satisfied with the result, they will be the ones who will repair the aspects you do not like. They will also draft working schedules, and offer you an estimation on how long the project will last. Also, a general contractor will know exactly what materials you need to purchase, and they will make sure that there are no unexpected surprises or delays.

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