Planning tips for at home weddings

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Marriage

There is no place like home for your wedding. Yes, this idea may seem strange at first, but you should know that more and more weddings take place at the bride or the groom’s home. Some people even choose to have the bridal reception at their parent or grandparent’s house. Why? Because it is the least expensive option, not to mention that a backyard style wedding is a memorable one. However, planning an at home wedding comes with its own set of challenges. You have to tend to many things. Here are some tips to make your at home wedding a dream come true.

Hire a marquee

Wedding marquee hire south London is the ideal choice if you are having a wedding at home. One of the main advantages brought by a marquee is that you can accommodate a large number of guests. Even if the venue is limited, you will have flexibility when it comes to the number of guests. Another advantage is that you can decorate the interior in which way you want. You can also decorate the trees. There are restrictions whatsoever. If you plant to use a combination of indoor and outdoor space, then a marquee is perfect, as it will not let the weather ruin your ceremony.

Make sure your kitchen is properly equipped

Not only does your cooking room have to be large enough to accommodate the catering staff, but also set up with sinks, ovens and counter space. Cooking all that food may seem overwhelming, but everything will turn out fine if you hire catering services. If you are on a budget, you can keep things simple and cook yourself. Get finger foods or have a barbecue. It does not really matter as long as your guests are welcomed to food and drinks.  

Tend to your lawn

Since your backyard will be the centre of attention, you will have to tend to the landscape so that it looks as best as possible. To keep your lawn looking beautifully and healthy, it is necessary to water it every day, cut the grass, use organic fertilizers, and remove excessive thatch. If you do not have time to take care of your lawn, then you should hire a landscaper. Ideally, preparations should start as early as possible. For example, if you are having a spring wedding, it is best to start tending to the lawn in the fall.  

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