Powder rooms: what are they and why you should invest

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If there is one thing you can say about interior design, it would certainly have to be that it has a strong wow factor. It is always surprising, bringing forward ideas or designs that will knock you right off your chair, in a good way, of course. Interior design is about many things, practicality, functionality, but most of all, it is about creativity. The powder room stands proof to this issue. Such a space combines practicality with creativity, representing the latter aspect more. It is absolutely amazing what some designers can accomplish when creating such a space. The fun thing about the powder room is that it is permissive. It is the kind of space that allows you to be creative. The only problem might be size. However, if you are working with a company that successfully handles small bathroom renovations Sydney based, then you should have nothing to worry about. Discover the powder room and see if this is something you would be comfortable with.

So, what is the powder room after all?

If you are the kind of person that really enjoys guests, that likes to host dinners and have people over, you need a powder room. This is a second bathroom, usually of a small size that does not come with a shower. It is also known as a service bathroom, its purpose being to avoid making guests wait their turn to the master bathroom. Usually placed near the living or the kitchen the powder room is especially created for guests, allowing quick access. While most people might view this space as practical, creativity should be involved in the process. After all, you want to dazzle your guests at very turn, so why should the powder make an exception?

Why invest in it?

Being half of a bathroom, in the sense that it is lacking a shower, you might assume that it is simply made for guests. So, your logic would say that if you are not hosting large parties very often, the powder room is not exactly a dream investment for you. Still, you need to remember that having two bathrooms is a wise choice, especially in the morning when heading off to work. The powder room might not permit you to take a bath or a shower, but you will still be able to brush your teeth or wash your face. The bottom line is simple. A second bathroom, no matter how small is a wise investment, as it is a practical space.

Powder room design ideas

If you have decided to create such a space in your home, you might be in need of interior design ideas. For small powder rooms, using light colours for the walls and even the floor is a good idea. This way, the room won’t appear that small. Also, being a space meant for guests as well as family members, using wallpaper is a interesting idea. Wallpaper is the kind of detail that brings style and elegance to a room without too much effort. It is exactly what you need. Another tip you might find useful is to respect the overall design of the house. Going from one room to another has to be natural, as if you were part of the same movie. So, if your home is decorated with various Asian elements, for example, maintain that style in the powder room. Also, keep it simple and practical. Use your imagination when it comes to the decorative pieces part of the design. However, keep things balanced and remember that small spaces only appear smaller when they are filled with unnecessary item.  

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