Question of the day: should I replace or repair the roof?

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Roof renovation may not be as exciting as a kitchen update or an outdoor landscaping project, but it has the power to transform a leaky home into an eye-catching residence. After all, neighbors, passers-by and even prospective buyers looking for a property in the area will only have the possibility to admire the exterior of your home and the roof is the first element that immediately pops up., not to mention about its functionality. Of course, you cannot watch the starts at night from your bed, but it keeps you warm and protected from unpredictable weather conditions, especially during those winter months. Moreover, if you do not have a strong roof over your head, all the other home improvements will prove to be useless. What more could you ask from your roof? Even though a roof can last decades, depending on the materials used, providing high maintenance is fundamental. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not consider repairing or replacing their roof until they hear the neighbors discussing behind their back about their negligence or actually seeing water penetrating their home.

When repairing the current roof is more than enough

The most common signs that a roof needs renovation consist in mold and moss growth, loose or missing tiles, damaged flashing, rotting underlay and attic leaks. Once you notice them, you cannot overlook the necessity of initiating a home improvement project. However, before opting for A to Z Contracting roof replacement service the questions remains: should you repair or replace it? Making such a decision should not become a daunting task as long as you identify the location and the extent of the damage. Another crucial factor refers to the age of the roof. If you own an old residence, then you might consider removing the current roofing materials, even though they have not started causing alarming problems yet. The truth is that it mostly depends on the situation. For instance, if the wind blew off some of the shingles during a powerful storm, then you will only have to replace those particular shingles, especially if you have a roof in good condition. In fact, you might not even have to contact a professional for this job.

When replacing the current roof becomes compelling

On the other hand, if your current roof already exceeded the 10-year mark, then you should probably schedule a detailed inspection and this time, contacting a specialist becomes imperative. If daylight is coming through the boards of your attic, then you should already guess the next logical step and the outcome of the inspection. Obviously, you cannot live peacefully in your home knowing that your roof is unstable. Other warning signs that you should consider include curling or buckling shingles and the most obvious one, a sagging roof. As a result, you should discuss with a contractor and determine the most long-lasting roofing materials that you should select for your brand new roof. You have to be aware that replacing your roof will require a more significant financial investment in comparison to just repairing it.  

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