Questions home buyers may ask you – be prepared to answer them

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Real Estate

  Selling a house is definitely a challenging process, not only because it gets the seller emotional having to let go of a place where they have lived for the past years, but also because they have to consider a series of essential aspects, from proper advertising to thinking about possible questions people interested in buying houses in Newcastle-upon-Tyne may ask. Here are some examples of questions home buyers may ask you, so that you are prepared to give them proper and prompt answers.  

Why do you want to sell your house?

This is probably the first question home buyers ask sellers and it is best to come up with an answer that reflects the truth. You can tell them the real reason why you want to sell the house without giving them too many details. Whether the reason is that you have bought a bigger house for you and your family, or there is something about the old house that reminds you of a loved one you have just lost for example, it is advisable that you tell those potential buyers the truth. Most of the times people can tell whether someone is telling a lie or the truth, so if you are honest with those home buyers, their level of confidence increases and chances for you to sell the house a lot quicker also increase.

Do you have any pets?

Many home buyers ask this question the moment they visit a house with the intent of buying it and the reason is quite simple. There are many families that cannot stand the idea of owning a pet or moving into a new house whose former owners have had pets. Those families simply do not want to deal with trying to get pet odour out of the house and spending a great deal of time cleaning it. If you do own pets, make sure you do thorough cleaning before you have anyone visiting the house, so that you eliminate any bad odour, since believe it or not, this can make home buyers change their minds regarding buying your house.

What about the price?

It is strongly recommended that you ask for a fair price if you want to sell your house really fast. Many home owners believe that selling a house is some sort of business out of which they can make a lot of money by asking for a price that is much higher than the actual value of the house. This is only going to lower your chances of selling the property though.

When can we move in?

Last but not least, another question that potential buyers may ask you is related to the date when they can move in into their new property. Make sure you are clear regarding the date the house remains vacant and the date new homeowners can move in so that you avoid any misunderstanding and unpleasant situations from occurring. All things considered, these are some potential questions you may receive from home buyers.

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