Things to do before booking a river cruise

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According to studies, one of the most popular choices when it comes to traveling is river cruising. Why is this option so popular? Well, it happens due to the long list of advantages. For example, unlike planning a vacation on your own, river cruising can be regarded as a hassle-free experience. On the other hand, this experience also gives you the chance to explore amazing areas which are not so popular, such as the rural parts of countries like Cambodia. But, despite of the many benefits, there are also some things that you have to put in order before leaving, as to make sure that everything is going to be perfect. Here are some important aspects that each tourist should take into consideration.

Reading something about the history and the culture of the places that you are about to visit

Doing some research, before going on a cruise, can prove a very useful thing, according to experts. Let’s say for example that you are interested in a Vietnam Cambodia river cruise. In order to make sure that this option is the one that suits you best. For example, Vietnam is famous for its amazing views, while Cambodia, which is also known as the Kingdom of Cambodia is highly appreciated for its biodiversity. Therefore, do not forget to take your photo camera!

Making sure that you know all the necessary details

There are many people who claim that, because of the lack of attention, they missed their trip. Try to make sure that you are available for traveling and that you know exactly how long the river cruise will last. What is more, experts say that it is not recommended to choose this option is you are afraid of the water or if you can easily get bored. In fact, boredom should not be a problem because these expeditions are amazing. However, you should take some books or magazine with you in order to prevent this thing.

Vaccinations and health precautions

Making sure that you are healthy enough for taking a river cruise is also essential. For example, if you plan to travel to Vietnam you should think about vaccination against hepatitis A. Also, vaccination against hepatitis B and rabies are important, especially if you think to stay longer.

Taking some swimming lessons

Due to the fact that you consider going river cruising, you should take some swimming lessons. Believe it or not, they can save your life, in case something goes wrong. Moreover, there are people who claim that they have never felt seasickness after they took some swimming lessons. But it is not a general rule.

Packing the right clothes

No matter what kind of destinations you choose, you should have the proper clothes with you. Thus, you should check the weather and make sure that you will not catch a cold, only because you have forgotten to take your jacket. Also, if you choose a destination where it rains a lot, you should take a raincoat with you. An umbrella can seem like a good choice, but sometimes it is difficult to carry.

Itaparica Island – a region with property investment prospects

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  People interested in real estate are always looking for promising places to invest in and nowadays one such good locations is Brazil. Contrary to what many people believe, Brazilian territories such as Itaparica Island are expected to develop in the following years, so you should think fast and consider investing in one of the luxury apartments that Bay View Projetos provides. Here are more details on the Island of Itaparica and how this region is said to boom in the next couple of years.  

The breath-taking view will convince anyone

Itaparica is one of the many islands in the Bahia state of Brazil, which is located only 13 kilometres away from the City of Salvador, the third biggest city in the country. The region is widely known as a quiet and peaceful place, with mesmerizing landscapes, which make it the perfect destination for a holiday residence or even for a permanent residence.

The bridge linking the island to Salvador brings a major change

Another significant change that is going to make the region boom is the bridge that is about to be built in the years that follow and that will link Itaparica to Salvador. Today, it takes nearly one hour to cross this distance by ferryboat, but once the bridge is finished, the amount of time spent on the road will be significantly reduced.

The real estate industry is booming

Companies such as Bay View Projetos, as well as numerous real estate experts agree to the fact that this region is going to develop a lot, especially once the bridge building project ends. This company has already started to promote the luxury apartments they sell in this region and already have pre sales for investors with a discounted pre sales reservation. The company saw a great business opportunity in this resort several years ago, when they decided to buy land in this region to use it later on to build the first luxury apartments in Itaparica. The apartments are well-positioned, providing amazing views of the ocean, making the place perfect not only for those who want to spend their holidays here, but also for those who want to make those apartments their permanent residences. It is for sure that many people living in the City of Salvador will be interested in investing in properties on the island and one of the main reasons is that they will want to get away from the rush, crowd and pollution in the city.

All projects are promised to be finished in only a few years

People do not have to wait for decades in order for this region to know economic boom, since numerous signs tell that it will only take a few years until the Island of Itaparica becomes another suburb of Salvador City. Besides turning the region into a luxury apartments resort, Bay View also has several other projects running that will make the entire island a perfect place to spend holidays, live in, invest and even start businesses in.

Questions home buyers may ask you – be prepared to answer them

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  Selling a house is definitely a challenging process, not only because it gets the seller emotional having to let go of a place where they have lived for the past years, but also because they have to consider a series of essential aspects, from proper advertising to thinking about possible questions people interested in buying houses in Newcastle-upon-Tyne may ask. Here are some examples of questions home buyers may ask you, so that you are prepared to give them proper and prompt answers.  

Why do you want to sell your house?

This is probably the first question home buyers ask sellers and it is best to come up with an answer that reflects the truth. You can tell them the real reason why you want to sell the house without giving them too many details. Whether the reason is that you have bought a bigger house for you and your family, or there is something about the old house that reminds you of a loved one you have just lost for example, it is advisable that you tell those potential buyers the truth. Most of the times people can tell whether someone is telling a lie or the truth, so if you are honest with those home buyers, their level of confidence increases and chances for you to sell the house a lot quicker also increase.

Do you have any pets?

Many home buyers ask this question the moment they visit a house with the intent of buying it and the reason is quite simple. There are many families that cannot stand the idea of owning a pet or moving into a new house whose former owners have had pets. Those families simply do not want to deal with trying to get pet odour out of the house and spending a great deal of time cleaning it. If you do own pets, make sure you do thorough cleaning before you have anyone visiting the house, so that you eliminate any bad odour, since believe it or not, this can make home buyers change their minds regarding buying your house.

What about the price?

It is strongly recommended that you ask for a fair price if you want to sell your house really fast. Many home owners believe that selling a house is some sort of business out of which they can make a lot of money by asking for a price that is much higher than the actual value of the house. This is only going to lower your chances of selling the property though.

When can we move in?

Last but not least, another question that potential buyers may ask you is related to the date when they can move in into their new property. Make sure you are clear regarding the date the house remains vacant and the date new homeowners can move in so that you avoid any misunderstanding and unpleasant situations from occurring. All things considered, these are some potential questions you may receive from home buyers.

When is best to work with a property management company?

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  As a landlord, you have to take care of a series of important aspects in order to ensure that your business is running smoothly, but you have to agree that sometimes it can be a real nightmare dealing with everything on your own. This is the reason why companies providing property management services have made their way through the market over the past years and one very good example in this case is http://www.ogilvyandsneyd.co.uk/. Here are some examples of situations in which hiring such a company will make everything easier for you.

When you have many rental properties

The more rental properties you have, the more difficult it is for you to manage all of them accordingly. This is when property management companies come into the scene. It is true that hiring one may be quite expensive sometimes, but you should know that this is the best solution for you if you really want to benefit from the best results and to have your properties managed properly.

When you do not live somewhere near the rental properties

Another situation in which you should take into account working with property management companies is when you love in another city or country from where the rental units are located. It is important to be close to the tenants in order to offer them the best rental services, but instead of spending time on the road coming to the rental units every month for instance, it is a lot easier and more cost-effective to hire a property management company and have them deal with the situation on your behalf.

When you do not have enough time

You may be a busy businessperson, with tons of things on your mind that you have to take care of, including the rental properties you own. In order to get some free time for yourself, you can find a company that deals with the rental units for you. If you can afford this type of service, you should waste no more time and should start looking for the best company in this industry right away. Keep in mind that competition is quite high in this domain and there are numerous property management companies on the market, so make sure you do some detailed research and you select the right one to meet with your needs and budget. As it can be seen, these are some examples of situations in which property management companies are your best solution.  

1031 Real estate exchange for personal use. Is it possible?

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For many, paying taxes is something that cuts a significant amount of money from their family’s budget. If you make some profit, somebody is making sure you cannot benefit from all of it. This is what happens if you decide to sell a property you own but don’t use and decide buying another one instead as well. After all, that money is a sort of income and you must pay income taxes. However, there is a fine line, which lets you avoid doing so, if you consider trading real estate properties. You might be aware of the existence of these transactions, but you might not be aware about the fact that they let you buy a vacation house for you and your family, for example. To make it a bit clearer for you, we are going to explain the process below.

Theoretically, 1031 Section is only for business purpose

Under this section, only business owners are allowed to make transactions without paying income taxes. They can swap, for instance, a hotel for a factory if they are evaluated at the same market price. Although they are named “like-kind”, the properties swapped must not be of the same kind. They only have to have the same market value. Therefore, this section is quite permissive for business owners. However, can this gate be used for personal use?

It can, but only partially

For example, regular individuals can buy a property, register it for rental, and they can use the property for personal use for maximum 50% of the time. It is not exactly for personal use, but considering the fact that some locations are opened for travel purposes only half a year, you might find this alternative appealing. You can buy a family vacation house; use it for you and your family 6 months a year, and for the rest of the time, you can rent it. This will increase your family’s income yearly, and considering the fact you didn’t pay any taxes for it, an investment of this kind can save your family budget from the very beginning.

Turn the income tax deferral into a family business

As you can notice, this tax deferral institution not only benefits business owners. It also helps families increase their yearly income without making a substantial financial effort. For instance, if your grandparents are not living anymore in their old farm, you can find a buyer and exchange it for a vacation house in a less or more luxurious destination. It can make your family’s lifestyle more pleasant and easy, given the fact that you’ll be able to provide more for them. This is one way a person can benefit from a tax law applicable only to enterprises. Not only you won’t have to worry about income tax as a result to the transaction, but it will enable you to provide more for your family. However, search the market well and see what company specialized in such matters you can find, because you will surely need a third party helping you in this.

Why do investors opt for Delaware statutory trust properties?

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Over the past few years, 1031 exchange investors have chosen to resort to the Delaware statutory trust, which is characterized by advantageous features, including delegation of management, liability protection, one time registration, asset protection and many others, combining the tradition of trust law with the modern freedom solicitude of contract. As an investor yourself, using Delaware statutory trust can offer you protection and flexibility, which are two aspects that are crucial in the world of investments. Here are the main reason why so many 1031 investors have chosen DST properties:

Tax advantages

Legally, a DST requires to be structured in such a way that it will not be subjected to taxes, at a business organization level. Being a more tax efficient alternative to corporation, it can be an ideal option for you as a 1031 exchange investor. Of course, this detail depends on all the parties involved and on the tax treatment chosen to suit your needs and interests best.

Management flexibility

A diversified approach towards property investments makes more sense than placing a large amount of your net into a single property. Moreover, the affairs and business of a DST are known to be managed by a trustee, a beneficial owner or third parties, which will offer you the broad flexibility you need. You have the possibility of selecting the arrangement that works best for you, minimizing your responsibilities, while still benefiting from the profits you desire. The ease of formation and minimal cost maintenance are other appealing advantages that a Delaware statutory trust property can offer you. But only by discussing with a professional, you will manage to fully understand the concept.

Contractual freedom

Another reasons why DST properties are so appealing to investors is the contractual freedom offered. The traditional approach of the DST act, give you the opportunity to define your own business relationship with the other parties involved in the process. By communicating, and establishing your needs, you can determine all the aspects of the contractual relationship. You can limit or expand your duties, depending on your interests and needs.

Limited liability

From a legal point of view, the trustees and beneficial owners of a DST have no personal liability for the obligations and debts of the entity. The broad scope of permissible indemnification and limitation of liability are details that are extremely appealing for investors. So if you are an investor or an industry professional yourself, give Delaware statutory trust properties some more considerations, and the benefits will certainly not disappoint you. As you can see, the DST is extremely advantageous, allowing investors to minimize their risks, while still accumulating profit. If this subject has caught your attention, and you desire to find out more information on the topic, it is best advised to resort to a reputable commercial real estate firm that can provide you with the 1031-Exchange eligible property ownership you are interested in. Take advantage of a stable cash flow, and look for a team of experts that can offer you the professional advice and guidance required.

How to find people to share your student accommodation with

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Even though generally, during your first year you will probably be allocated other students to live with, there might come a time when you will rather find your own housemates and when it comes, these tips will help you find people to share your student accommodation Edinburgh with:

Consider the following questions to ask to potential housemates

Since you will share a common space with a person, it is only natural for you to want to ask them about their hobbies and interests, their personal hygiene, if they have noisy friends or if they are smokers. Even though some of these questions may seem difficult to ask at first, you will find it much easier to live with someone closer to your own lifestyle than someone who is completely different than you. For instance, if you are a smoker who likes to play the guitar in his free time, choosing a non-smoker roommate who appreciates quiet because they have a strict study schedule or someone with a health condition such as asthma might be problematic in the future.

Ask the private accommodation to sort your roommates for you

For instance, you could request to only live with someone in the shame school year or with people of the same sex to avoid any complications throughout the year. Often times you will end up wanting to continue to live with those housemates, so by living with someone in the same year you are, you will be certain hey will not leave before you and thus end up in a situation where you have to look for new housemates again.

Post ads on your student website

Every university has an online platform that students can access to find out news from the campus, new schedules or post various ads. This is a great way to get in touch with new people, because many students looking for a new place to live check out these ads because they know they are likely to find a good offer. Of course, if you live in a private accommodation facility, you will probably not have to worry about posting ads, because the manager will find someone for you as soon as possible.

Inform accommodation managers if you want to stay with your friends

Private accommodation services can make the necessary arrangements if you have found the people you want to live with and make sure you will live in the same house or flat. This way if you want to stay with your friends or you have done a screening process yourself and now you want to make sure you will all end up in the same place, you will have the certainty that everything will go as planned. When you know the type of people you are looking for, it is just a matter of time before you find them. Keep in mind that you probably have your own flaws as well and that in the end, the small differences between you will have made the salt and pepper of your entire college experience.

Should you be living in a shipping container home?

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People who become aware of the idea of living in a shipping container reject it from the very start. After all, cargo containers are used for transport, not for construction projects. By simply looking at the house made exclusively from transportation boxes you would not guess that they can make a good home, but they do. So, what should you do if you want to present this idea to your partner? Well, you should make a list of reasons why shipping container homes are a good alternative. There are many advantages to shipping container living and the following ones will help you prepare your case.

Costs involved

The first reason why so many people agree to live in a house made entirely of cargo boxes is that they save you a lot of money on the construction. You will only need a minimum of materials and unlike brick and steel, transportation boxes are fairly inexpensive. The transportation boxes are extremely durable and even have flowing fitting, which means that you do not have to worry about putting in floors; other details that you do not have to consider are walls. What you should take care of is the insulation, but once you have managed that you have a brand new home. And you have the possibility of saving even more if you hire a company to build the home for you.

One-of-a-kind household

The fact that nobody can argue with is that house made from transportation boxes are stunning from an aesthetic point of view. What makes these homes so special is the rawness of the cargo containers combined with the 21st century style. It is needless to say that the result is a truly unique one. You can finally have the cottage in the woods you have always dreamed of or go for modern lines and build a beachside residence. As long as you find the right architect, you can transform any idea into reality. So, if you only want an office for yourself, you can have it.

Speed of the construction

Probably the strongest argument in favour of a shipping container home is that you can built it with an incredible speed. While building a traditional house will take you about four months, in this case you should be finished in about a month or so. Professionals are able to make you a home in less than that and they come equipped with everything you need, meaning kitchen, living space and bedroom. If you want a complex household ready in no time, a shipping container home is your choice.  

Common misconceptions about investing apartment building  

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  Investors make millions of dollars by buying and selling real estate, meaning homes and duplexes. In the investment world, nearly everyone begins with the single family market. Buying residential pre-foreclosures not only comes at a significant discount, but it provides entrepreneurs with the feeling of comfort. More precisely, they buy what they know and at the same time they avoid complicated projects. But is this the only reason? Investors start buying homes mainly because they have heard all the stories about apartment buildings. There are many misconceptions associated with multi-family residences. Nonetheless, buying apartments for sale North Carolina is a profitable investment. Following are just some of myths associated with multi-family residences and the truth behind them.
  1. I have to have specialized knowledge

One of the most common misconceptions associated with multi-family investments is that you have to have specialized knowledge. This is not necessarily true owing to the fact that you have the possibility of gathering together a group of professionals to help you make good decisions. The team of professionals can assess if the property is a good investment, meaning if it makes financial sense to you (the buyer). Additionally, commercial real estate is not that difficult to understand. Even if at the beginning you are clueless, in time you will be able to master the ins and outs of commercial real estate.
  1. I need loads of money

Probably the most widespread myth is that you need a lot of cash in order to invest in apartment buildings. Wrong again. You do not necessarily need to have thousands of dollars at your disposal, but rather a good deal. If you find an investment property that has profit potential, then you can get money from a private lender. Give the majority of the ownership to those who fund your real estate investment, while at the same time keeping an interest for yourself.  Although you may not like the idea of partnership, just keep in mind that partnership investment offers you more purchasing power.
  1. To be successful, I have to start with a small property

Starting small and working your way up to a bigger property is actually one of the wisest real estate investment strategies. While this is a sure way of gaining success, many entrepreneurs agree that it is not the best way of going about in real estate. Instead of fearing that you will not qualify for a loan in order to buy apartments for sale, be proactive. Banks are looking only for cash assets, meaning those that are based on performance. In other words, larger investment properties are secured by the asset itself and are thus more profitable.
  1. I will have tenant problems

As long as you do not manage the property on your own, you will not have major issues to deal with. To spare you the trouble, just hire a property management company. After all, you can afford to leverage off the work and stress. Instead of worrying about the tenants, you can sit back and enjoy all the privileges of apartment building ownership, like cash flow and tax advantages.  
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