Ribbons may be the answer to all your questions

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Family Business

Ribbons may not be the answer to all your existential questions, but they certainly are the answer to a variety of home and home décor questions? Having your doubts? We’re not blaming your, but in the following paragraphs we certainly have some proof for you. Make sure to read our witty suggestions of various utilities for the boring ribbon.

Use them to create your own home décor for various holidays

If Christmas is approaching and you run out of time to find a beautiful décor solution, we have a witty suggestion: ribbons. What, don’t you think that you can pull off an amazing décor with these little ones? Think again. You can find affordable ribbons and use those to create hanging decorations, your Christmas tree décor, your Christmas party table centrepiece, and the general Christmas décor for your home as well. Simply surf the web for ideas (pro tip: Pinterest makes a great resource) and try to replicate those. Fear not, those ideas are so simple even your hyperactive moppet can manage making those from scratch.

Use those to beautify your presents

Yes, you may lack wrapping skills completely, but with the help of these small treasures you will certainly manage to create a decent wrap for each of your presents. Not feeling like wrapping gifts? Place those in a gift sack and finish its design off with a simple ribbon. It’s not complicated, and it’s definitely not expensive at all. An affordable present idea is homemade rocky road chocolate bars, wrapped in baking sheet and tied up at the top with a beautiful piece of ribbon. Thing your guests may not enjoy your present? Simply take a look at their faces as they taste your homemade dessert!

DIY toys for your children

If you have some leftover pieces of ribbon, you can research your DIY top options that involve those. Puppets, play balls and various other toys can be easily created with these small pieces of material. Once again, Pinterest is an incredibly resourceful place for such ideas, and you should start looking there. Bonus: these ideas come with the advantage of being manageable by people of all skill levels. These are some great ways in which you can use these items around your home. Make sure to research your options before jumping to action, or worst, before dismissing these ideas.

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