S.O.S – I need a nanny for my child!

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  Are you a mother who feels like she needs help for taking care of her child? Well, try to look for a nanny who can always prove a real help. And here they are some important tips that you should notice, in order to take a wise decision.

Tips for mummies who are looking for nannies:

Look for a babysitting agency London! Why is it an important tip? Because you can get rid of stress and find some trust worthy persons who can take care of your child. Also, you have the chance to choose your nanny. Do you feel more comfortable to let your kid with someone who has the same age as yours? Well, you should choose a younger nanny who also may come with experience. Try to communicate with your nanny more. Explain her the rules of your house, if there are any, in order to avoid conflicts. And if it is necessary, put them on the fridge, as to be seen by anyone. For example, if you kid has to go to sleep at a certain hour, you should let you babysitter know this particular aspect. Do not forget to discuss the payment methods. There are nannies who ask you to pay them per hour or they can ask you for a salary. You should discuss this aspect with the agency too.

Forget about these myths when you want to hire a nanny!

They say that “only single moms need a baby sitter”! This is not true! You can be a happy married woman who also wants to take of her career. And building a successful career means working long hours and successfully facing the deadlines. Moreover, trust us when we say that is nothing wrong in wanting to be successful. They say that “you do not love your child enough as to take care of him/ her”! It is also a very common myth that you have to ignore. Looking for a nanny, does not mean that you do not love and appreciate your child. It means that you have to work because you want the best for him/ her. They say that “nannies are careless and that they do not respect what you say”. It all depends from nanny to nanny. If you choose a good one, from a trustworthy agency, you do not have to worry about this aspect. They say that “you should choose an elderly nanny because she comes with longer experience”. But it not always true. Young persons can have good experience too.    

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