Should you be living in a shipping container home?

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Real Estate

People who become aware of the idea of living in a shipping container reject it from the very start. After all, cargo containers are used for transport, not for construction projects. By simply looking at the house made exclusively from transportation boxes you would not guess that they can make a good home, but they do. So, what should you do if you want to present this idea to your partner? Well, you should make a list of reasons why shipping container homes are a good alternative. There are many advantages to shipping container living and the following ones will help you prepare your case.

Costs involved

The first reason why so many people agree to live in a house made entirely of cargo boxes is that they save you a lot of money on the construction. You will only need a minimum of materials and unlike brick and steel, transportation boxes are fairly inexpensive. The transportation boxes are extremely durable and even have flowing fitting, which means that you do not have to worry about putting in floors; other details that you do not have to consider are walls. What you should take care of is the insulation, but once you have managed that you have a brand new home. And you have the possibility of saving even more if you hire a company to build the home for you.

One-of-a-kind household

The fact that nobody can argue with is that house made from transportation boxes are stunning from an aesthetic point of view. What makes these homes so special is the rawness of the cargo containers combined with the 21st century style. It is needless to say that the result is a truly unique one. You can finally have the cottage in the woods you have always dreamed of or go for modern lines and build a beachside residence. As long as you find the right architect, you can transform any idea into reality. So, if you only want an office for yourself, you can have it.

Speed of the construction

Probably the strongest argument in favour of a shipping container home is that you can built it with an incredible speed. While building a traditional house will take you about four months, in this case you should be finished in about a month or so. Professionals are able to make you a home in less than that and they come equipped with everything you need, meaning kitchen, living space and bedroom. If you want a complex household ready in no time, a shipping container home is your choice.  

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