Some myths about pre-school nurseries

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Parenting

  There are many parents who claim that they have to work a lot in order to offer the best living conditions for their children. But, if parents work all day long, who will take care of their children? Hiring a nanny is not always a good alternative, especially if you are interested in offering your kid the best education. It is true that there are baby sitters who can also act like teachers, but experts say that it is highly recommended to look for a pre-school nursery. One of the good reasons of doing that is that they have better educational programs which are based on fun activities too. But in case you are one of those who claim that they are afraid to settle their kids into a pre-school nursery, here are some common myths that you definitely should stop believing.

Myth: You should not let your children go to a pre-school nursery because the staff does not take good care of them

This is not true. If you choose a reputable pre-school nursery, you have nothing to worry about. For example, you can look for a pre-school nursery Hendon. Believe it or not, Hendon is the best place where you can find the best institutions where your children will feel like home. But in case something goes wrong, you should teach your kid to give you a call immediately.

Myth: Pre-school nurseries programs are not efficient!

This is another popular myth nowadays. There are many pre-school nurseries where kids are not only taught how to write or read, but they also learn how to sing, draw or even act. This is excellent news for parents because they do not have to pay some extra money for art courses. What is more, the majority of nurseries programs from the UK are based on some creative educational methods in order to help children learn faster.

Myth: Pre-school nurseries are for negligent parents

If you believe that, allow us to contradict you. These institutions where created for parents who have a very busy schedule who cannot take their children with them, while they are working. It is also true that there are some modern companies which also have a private kindergarten or school for kids, but they are just a few. In case you do not work in such company, pre-school nurseries are still the best solution.

Myth: Pre-school nurseries are a very expensive alternative

There are many pre-school nurseries directors who claim that they have created some special promotions for parents. Not to mention that they also include at least one healthy meal for children. Therefore, in many situations this idea is just an excuse.          

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