Spotlight Of The Day: Alice McCall

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Fashion

Since it’s official launch in 2004 by stylist turned designer Alice Mccall, the designer label has received widespread popularity amongst both local and international fashion industries. Here’s what exactly makes the design label stand out from the crowd:


Designer Alice McCall started out as a stylist in London. The charismatic stylist had her beginnings from designing and selling one off silk pieces in London, where her designs were noticed by others and she quickly developed a growing fan base. With the growth of her fan base, the label was eventually born in 2004 and launched during Australian Fashion Week. Alice McCall’s first flagship boutique was subsequently introduced and launched in 2010, growing throughout the years. The designer has had the opportunity of collaborating with other major retailers like Topshop and Target.


Prevalent themes that can be found in the Alice McCall design brand label would be described as eclectic, sensual, playful, bohemian and statement making. Alice McCall is popular for it’s versatility and have produced a wide variety of products ranging from dresses to playsuits, tops and other apparel choices.


The influence and reception for Alice McCall designer products have been warm ever since it’s official launch. To this day, this design label remains relevant and popular amongst the fashion conscious and has even attracted the attention of prominent personalities. Some of Alice McCall’s most notable fans are famous actress Isabelle Cornish, model Kendall Jenner, budding entrepreneur Kylie Jenner, Rapper Iggy Azalea and others. Alice McCall designer outfits are also available to the masses in over 160 and counting stores worldwide!

Dresses & Skirts

Some of the most well received Alice McCall dresses include the Alchemy T Shirt Dress, Let It Go Dress, Grace Like Rain Dress, Cloudbursting Dress, Dancing In The Streets Dress, Seim Pi Dress Jet, and Open Window Dress. Skirts on the other hand, are popular skirts like the Smile Because Skirt, Curiouser Long Skirt, Funny Cars Skirt, Us and Them Skirt, I’m Back For More Skirt and This Must Be It Skirt.

Playsuits and Jumpsuits

If you enjoy wearing jumpsuits and playsuits, you can try these from the Alice McCall selection: The Shake It Off Playsuit, Love Sublime Playsuit, The Sweetest Blossom Playlist, Dream About Me Playsuit, Enough Said Playsuit, Better Be Good To Me Playsuit and Colour of The Cloud Jumpsuit.

Tops and Shorts

Alice McCall also has some popular tops and shorts for consideration. Some of the most popular tops and shorts are: The Little Shield Crop Top, Twin Peaks Top, Eyes Wide Top, Relentless Corridors Top, Celestine Top, Would You Rather Top, Exploring Destiny Top, Solange Shirt, Turn The Page Top, Break On Through Top, Glory Days Top, Journey To The Past Shirt, Time To Smile Top, Love Lockdown Blouse, Change Your Mind Top, Come Away Top, Knowles Pants, Secret Garden Shorts, Amen Shorts, SIlver Soul Shorts, Worlds Way Pants, Arcadia Pants and Revolution Shorts. The Alice McCall designer brand collection only grows more and more popular as the days pass. With it’s versatility and eccentric designs, the fashion pieces are perfect for all occasions and beautiful worn on their own but best when combined. How do you wear your Alice McCall Collections? Are there any we’ve missed? Which fashion piece do you like the best? Let us know!  

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