Stop falling for these blocked drain myths! They’re not true!

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Home

  Blocked drains are a common problem that every homeowner dealt with at some point. While some of these problems are easy to solve simply with some cleaning products that can be found on the market, others require more experienced and professional help and that is when you should start looking for the best company providing services of clearing blocked drains in London. Over the years, many myths related to blocked drains have emerged and below you will find the most popular ones.  

If I leave hot water running, grease will not stick to pipes

One of the most popular myths people tend to believe is that hot water running will prevent grease from remaining stuck to pipe walls, but they are completely wrong. The moment hot water stops running, the grease becomes cool and hardens, thus creating a thick coating on the pipes. Eventually, this will lead to blockages and even burst pipes.

I can unclog the sink with a plunger every time I face such problems

Plungers can be quite helpful in some situations, but they are not the right tool to use in the case of every blocked drain in the bathroom or kitchen. If you are dealing with a drain that has not been cleared out for months, the problem is even worse and not even the most powerful plunger will solve the problem. It is recommended you ask for professional help.

If it fits the pipe, it gets flushed away! No problem!

Another common misconception people have is that if an object is small enough to fit down the sink, it will eventually get flushed away, but this is not true. Think about those small items such as bones or even scraps of food – these ones do fit down the pipe, but they are definitely not safe to flush if you want to continue using that drain.

Flushable wipes are safe to flush away

Although most wipe commercials present these products as being totally flushable, it is safer to avoid flushing them away down the drain. One or two wipes may go down the toilet easily, but if you use more of them, you risk forgetting how many wipes you have used, thus dealing with a clump of wet wipes that will actually block the toilet. As it can be seen, these are the most common myths on blocked drains that you should stop believing as they are definitely not true.

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