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Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Baby’s Clothes

Written by Roy Sanders. Posted in Parenting

As any other process regarding your baby, washing their clothes requires excessive care and attention so you can be sure that what touches the baby’s skin is clean and safe. The following tips will help you perform a proper cleaning and sanitation of the baby’s clothes.
    • It’s best that you clean your baby’s clothes separately from yours so you will prevent germs from transferring from one item to another. There are special baby clothes washing machines that are smaller in size so you can run a full washing cycle with the baby’s clothes only.
    • If you are not going to be using a special baby clothes washing machine, you must clean your regular unit in order to get rid of all the bacteria and germs that have gathered inside it over time. Run a complete washing cycle at the highest temperature and avoid using chlorine that can leave behind toxic residues. You can either add vinegar or you can buy a cleaning substance from drug stores.
    • Although it’s best to wash the baby clothes at high temperatures to make sure you kill any potential bacteria, you should read the labels first and see how each garment should be washed. Check the temperature they must be washed at and whether they can be washed in a washing machine or by hand so you will preserve the garments in the best condition.
    • Every time you wash your baby’s clothes, use only liquid detergent which is milder and doesn’t stick to the clothes’ fibers. Powder detergent is harder to rinse and this is why most baby detergents come in a liquid version. Don’t add clothes softeners because they will irritate the baby’s delicate skin and can cause rashes and allergies.
    • If a certain piece of clothing like a diaper or a nappy has a dried stain that would be harder to remove during the washing cycle, perform a brief on-spot cleaning with some hot water and a soft brush. Remove the excess dirt so it will come out easier during the washing cycle and you will avoid the dirt and germs from spreading inside the washing machine.
    • Always dry the baby’s clothes indoors to avoid outdoor allergens and bacteria from sticking to them. Once the clothes are dried, perform a thorough disinfecting using a clothes steamer that will penetrate the depth of the fabric so there will be no germs remaining to reach the baby’s skin. A clothes steamer is more comfortable to use than a regular iron because the steam easily penetrates the tiny baby clothes and you will sanitize them fast and effortlessly. Go to if you want to see which are the best steamers of the moment. You can use the steamer on your clothes as well, and you will save a lot of time as it gets rid of wrinkles a lot faster than the conventional iron.

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