The difference between traditional and self-inking rubber stamps

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Family Business

Choosing the right rubber stamp for your family business is far from being easy. Different types of quality rubber stamps are available and you have to figure out which variety is best for our needs. Keep in mind is that not all rubber stamps are equal. When you search for information online, you will come across many types of business tools. The most popular types are traditional and self-inking rubber stamps. What difference is there between the two? If you really want to find out the answer to this question, continue reading.  

Traditional rubber stamps

When you say rubber stamps, you automatically think about those traditional handheld devices for inking and imprinting. Unlike self-inking stamps, they require the use of an inkpad. Yes, each time you need to create an impression, you have to use an inkpad. If you want to avoid nasty stains, visit But should you settle with a self-inking stamp when a traditional one offers so many advantages? No, you should not. Traditional business tools may be messy, but they can be made in any size and colour, not to mention that they mark any type of surface, including metal, wood, plastic, and even human beings. Also, standard handheld devices last for thousands of impressions. The only disadvantage is that you have to carry the stamp pad with you everywhere you go.

Self-inking rubber stamps

Self-inking rubber stamps are innovative business tools. They provide solid impressions and they do not require an ink pad. As the name implies, the tools are sufficient on their own. What happens is that the rubber stamps are mechanically inked each time someone presses down on them. The handheld devices are very easy to use and they easily go into the pocket. Generally speaking, it takes 30 minutes to manufacture a self-inking rubber stamp. This is impressive considering that making only one business tool takes more than an hour. The only bad things that can be said about self-inking rubber stamps are that they are more expensive and they do not always fit into the image dimensions. For more information concerning the last point, you should discuss with a manufacturer. Now that you know what the difference is between traditional and self-inking rubber stamps, I tis time to go shopping. Self-inking rubber stamps are preferable, but the choice is up to you. Only you know what does or does not benefit your business.  

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