The ultimate checklist: get ready for your newborn’s arrival

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Parenting

With a baby delivery just around the corner, moms-to-be experience mixed feelings. On one hand, they are fully aware that soon they will have the possibility to understand the meaning of motherhood. On the other hand, they cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the number of decisions they will have to make, from choosing a pediatrician, completing the formalities associated with birth registration and pondering upon medical coverage to purchasing the necessary baby and mommy products, dividing responsibilities, planning finances and looking for a trustworthy babysitter, if necessary. Indeed, parents have to initiate an intense decision-making process to explore all the available options in terms of newborn gear and make the right choices in what concerns the health and safety of their bundle of joy. The arrival of a baby does not have to ruin the relationship with the partner. On the contrary, sharing responsibilities can nourish bonding and strengthen the parent-child connection as well.

Baby essentials checklist for parents on a shoestring budget

However, taking into account the number of items parents need to purchase before their infant comes to the world, forgetting something essential is more than possible. For this reason, creating a newborn checklist, but also establishing a decent budget becomes crucial. Keeping all these in mind, the following question arises: what are the baby essentials parents should invest in first? Well, those who benefit from a limited budget can resume to clothes, diapers, bottle and formula feeding, items encouraging sleeping and playtime, such as swings and bouncers, as well as other essentials focusing on the baby’s health and safety. Of course, before actually buying all these items, parents have to analyze their characteristics and quality. For instance, Baby Swing reviews are perfect for helping new parents without any experience in childcare choose the most suitable rocker for their little one. We can easily add another category next to the newborn essentials, namely nice-to-haves, which refer to books specifically written for babies, a vibrating chair or a bouncer having a vibration feature included, a stroller and a baby carrier but also a teething toy and more than one pacifier.

Parents who benefit from a generous budget can feel free to go wild

Parents with more generous budgets have the luxury to go wild in what concerns baby essentials. First, they have the possibility to opt for the high-quality products and modern items with additional features, like that bouncer with toys and vibrations. Secondly, when it comes to the baby room, they can create a sleep sanctuary and the most eye-catching décor. Furthermore, the health and safety of the infant should not represent a problem because they can hire a professional to examine every corner of the house to determine the existence of mold or high humidity levels. In order to prevent these two, placing a small humidifier in the baby’s room represents the best solution. The newborn will definitely enjoy a peaceful sleep in the most beautiful room ever seen and he will have many toys suitable for his age.  

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