The unforgettable flavours of Thailand – prepare Thai dishes at home

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If you are one of those persons that have travelled to exotic Asian countries such as Thailand, there are high chances you have instantly fallen in love with this culture. This also counts for nearly anyone who visit this part of the world and return to their countries with those unique flavours and aromas in mind that they have tasted while being in Thailand. However, if you find a reliable Thai food shop where you can purchase the right ingredients, you can easily prepare those tasty dishes at home too. All you have to do is some research. Below is some useful information regarding the most common ingredients needed for preparing Thai dishes and where you can find them.

Common Thai ingredients

Thai cuisine is mostly known for its spicy and special taste. For this reason, if you want to prepare some traditional Thai dishes at home, you should start with knowing the most common ingredients used in this cuisine. Some of them are Thai fish sauce, rice vinegar, curry paste, coconut milk and many fresh herbs. There are other ingredients too that make Thai dishes so unique. In order to impress your family and friends with a traditional Thai dish, you should not start cooking it without having proper ingredients.

Choose the right Thai store

It is important to choose a reliable store that provides original Thai ingredients. You should bear in mind that some suppliers offer ingredients that are only Thai on the label, so you should definitely avoid those stores. It is recommended to do some research before resorting to a specific store, be it an online one or a physical one. Read some reliable reviews or ask for other people’s opinions in order to see which store has received positive feedback from its customers. In case it is a local store, you can even go to it and take a closer look at the ingredients. Talk to the supplier and see if he is a reliable and trust-worthy person and whether he is offering you original Thai ingredients or not.

Dishes you can easily prepare at home

After finding the right store where you can purchase the ingredients you need, it is time to prepare Thai food. Keep in mind that because this cuisine is so different from the one in your country, there are high chances that the dish might not have the same taste as it had when you tasted it in Thailand. There are many dishes from Thai cuisine that you can prepare at home and some examples are Thai crunch salad with peanut dressing, Thai ginger and sweet red chilli shrimp, crispy coconut shrimp with sweet red chilli sauce or the grilled homey, lime and sriracha chicken skewers. In order to know the recipes of these dishes, all you have to do is search for them on the Internet. However, in case you already have the recipe from when being in Thailand, you can consider yourself a lucky person and you can start cooking right away.

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