Things to consider after installing a LEV system

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A LEV system is a necessary addition to any work space that faces gas, dusts or fumes emissions on a regular basis. Studies have shown that an increased number of employees that work around harmful substances are now suffering of serious health conditions, including asthma and lung disease. From a legal and moral point of view, it is necessary to offer your workers a safe workspace, and that implies not only the installation of a local exhaust ventilation but a periodical LEV testing as well. Here are some of the things that need to be considered, after the installation of this type of system.

Employee training

The employees that will have access to the device need to be properly informed and trained beforehand. Because the system is rather complex, make sure both you and your employees have access to a specific and detailed training session. Understanding the many elements of the system and how they function, learning how to use the equipment effectively, understanding the limitation of the Lev system should be the main information to acquire, before using the system. Because the Lev can be rendered ineffective with ease, you will need to comprehend its limitations and maintenance needs.


Because in time, the Lev system might face functioning problem, it is important to research the topic and to understand all the maintenance requirements you will need to follow. The user manual usually includes the technicalities of the system, and how you can maintain the system in a good condition. To be certain that the equipment is functioning correctly permanently, it is recommended to resort to a team of specialists for periodical inspections.

Legal requirements

If you have recently installed a local exhaust ventilation system, then you are probably already aware of the legal requirements that follow. Because the laws demands offering your employees a safe working environment, the installation of a LEV system should be followed by periodical test and inspections. Monitoring and examining the performance of the system is an important job that requires attention and a thorough understanding of the system’s elements. To be certain that you will not face any legal problems, you should opt for professional inspection. If you inspect the system with regularity, you will not only provide your employs with a safe workplace and meet legal demands, but also avoid replacement costs, because you will know on time if any parts of the equipment need to be repaired. After installing a local exhaust ventilation system, maintenance and motorization are also required, and you should pay close attention to the company you hire for LEV testing. With so many options to choose form, it can be rather difficult to decide on the right firm. Research the topic properly and see which company would be the best choice for you. Analyse the needs of your business, and ensure your employees of safe working environment by inspecting the LEV equipment as least once a year. Start searching online for a team of specializes LEV engineers, and look for professionalism, qualification and authorization, when you are making a choice.

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