Things you should know before moving to France – Health care system

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Rated as one of the best public health care systems in the world, the French people seem to benefit from all the necessary services. It is no wonder that many families around the world choose to immigrate here. The French Government simply offers so many facilities for everybody, in a number of domains. Business, finances, and healthcare, they are all privileged and because of this reason, this country is preferred when it comes to immigration. But let’s see what are some of the basic things everybody planning to move here should know about securite sociale Seine Saint Denis services.

The French public healthcare system is a contribution based one

The first thing you should know about it is that in order to benefit from their social security system is to contribute in a proportion to your treatment, consultations and interventions. But first, if you are not a citizen, you must first register to receive a Carte Vitale. This will allow you to receive the same benefits as a French resident. By using it, you will have approximately 70% to 80% of the costs involved automatically reimbursed. The fact is, you have to pay for the medical services you receive, but you will have a big part of them back into your account.

For receiving healthcare facilities, you have to register

And you do this by enrolling in one of their state insurance companies. Workers usually register to pay a symbolic amount to the social security system, while retirees, must present a form also known as a certificate of entitlement. Therefore, maybe you obtain these formalities before physically moving to France. It is much easier this way.

There exists a different form of insurance, covering everything

And it is also known under the name of a “mutuelle”. This type of special insurance comes to complete the public healthcare one. Although most of the expenses are covered by the basic insurance, some of them are not. For those, if you wish you can have them covered by this special insurance. There are two versions of this, one being an individual one, and the other covered by your employer, if you are not working in public bodies. If your employer is a private company, you will benefit from what is known as a “mutuelle collective”.

There is a great tariff system developed nationwide

For different types of medical services, there are established flat rate fees. All practitioners apply them as they are recognized, all of them being part of a frame contract. There are certain differences depending on each specialization. The most significant difference is in dental medical services, here the rates being higher than the rest. Because of this reason, French Governmental bodies have a prevention system, in order to help their citizens and other contributors get rid of the prospect of paying thousands of euros for dental treatments.  As you can easily notice, the French public health care system is a well-developed one. Also, there are certain bodies specialized in helping people be more informed on the alternatives they have and offering assistance when needed.

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