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Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Fashion

Everybody loves food, but some of us have a real passion towards it. Many have made form their cooking hobby a way of living. They migrated from their kitchen to the Internet and created successful food lovers stories. Food blogs are not something new. For many of us, it is a pleasure to simply visit those blogs and see the beautiful and tasty work of others. Having a food blog implies you must take quite professional shots of your food, to put your work in a great light. Either you can specialize in photography with hard work and time, or you can hire food photography services from a professional photographer. If you want to become yourself a skilled food photographer, we have some tips and tricks for you to achieve the skills they have. If talent is something you are born with, practice will make even the most untalented take shots like professionals.

1. A decent camera will do a great job

You don’t necessary need the most expensive cameras available out there. For a rookie, getting used to a decent one will make you acquire the necessary skill to put your food in a gorgeous light. A point-and-shoot camera for beginning is perfect. After you gain some experience, you can switch to a DSLR camera. A camera with features like those will give you enough control over focal length and exposure and you will be able to take some great shots with it. However, before buying one, ask colleagues in the field what they would recommend for a newcomer like you that is affordable and has a decent quality at the same time.

2. A few tips for your first tries

Light is everything in photography, and practice has trained many in the field to take the best shots in natural light.  Flashlight is photography’s enemy, and do not use this feature of your camera. Ever. When trying to determine the best source of natural light, move around your home and take some test shots. If you are pleased with one of your setups, start from there. Take your shots from multiple angles and see what works better. Most photos look great took from above, you could give this tip a try. Also, try to give side photos a shot. Some setups look their best this way.

3. Invest in some additional equipment

After you acquired some skill in food photography, try to invest in additional equipment. A good tripod will ensure you your shots will always be steady, and always looks professional. Reflectors and diffusers are mandatory to deviate the natural light and create the desired ambiance. Also, some memory cards for more memory will come in hand, once you become more passionate and want to stock the large number of photos. These are some pieces of advice to start with when considering to become a food blogger. Great shots are the perfect way to make your work known to a large number of people. If you are reluctant in becoming a food photographer, try to hire specialized services.

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