Underwear questions men are embarrassed to ask

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Fashion

  Let’s face it, the majority of men wear the same type of underwear since high-school, because they are just too comfortable to try something else, or because they are afraid to change something. But some of them are embarrassed to ask questions when it comes to this subject, because they are afraid that they would be judged because they do not already know the answers. Well, if you find yourself in this situation, you should worry no more, because you should know that the majority of men have the same questions as you do. And it is all right to have questions, because underwear is the most worn item from your wardrobe. In case you want to find the best underwear, you should check ratings, because there are multiple websites that offer information on this subject. Below is a list of question you may have, and once you would read the answers, you will change your high-school underwear with something more durable, functional and comfortable.

What’s the best underwear style?

The most common types of underwear are boxer briefs, briefs, boxers and thongs. The majority of men state that they prefer boxer briefs, because they are a combination of the two models, with the best features of every one of them. This type provides great coverage and support and it is perfect to be worn under different types of pants. And if you like physical and athletic activities, then you will not have to change for something else.

How often should I wash my underwear?

The simple answer to this question is when it is dirty. In case you are involved into strenuous gym sessions or physical activity, then the underwear will bear the brunt of your sweat. It is recommended to change it after every session of workout or daily. Sweaty underwear is not comfortable and attractive, and you should not even think of subjecting them to a sniff test. Make sure that you wash your underpants after each wear.

How many pairs of underwear should I have?

It is recommended to have a 3 weeks supply of underwear pairs, this means 20 pairs. In case you have more, you will face closet-space issues and it is no reason to spend money on so many pairs. In case you launder your clothes once a week, you will need at least 14 pairs. You need a pair for every day of the week and a few backup ones in case you exercise or travel.

What fabric is the perfect one when it comes to underwear?

Men have difficulties in choosing the fabric for the underwear. You will find on the market models made from fabrics as silk, cotton, nylon, lycra, modal, and different combinations. According to your taste and activities, you will purchase the right model. You should make sure that you choose a comfortable fit, and that the fabric does not warp easily. The majority of men choose the ones made from modal and cotton. If you live in a colder climate, then it is advisable to wear thermal or woolen models, but if you live in a warm climate, then you should opt for cotton ones.

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