Using drugs to cope with depression

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Health

Along with therapy and counselling, there are lots of things that a person can do in order to treat depression. Unfortunately, when it comes to coping with depression, sufferers make the worst possible choices. They drink their booze away or take drugs. Those who are depressed are convinced that taking cocaine will lift their mood and help them escape from reality. They fail to understand that taking drugs only increases the feelings of sadness. Before people know it, they develop a comorbidity.

Depression, substance abuse, and self-medication

Depression can affect anyone, including fashion models. Many patients consume drugs in response to depressive symptoms like hopelessness, pessimism, and irritability. People in the fashion world don’t take drugs because they’re depressed. They do it so as to avoid eating. Much is known about fashion’s relationship with drugs, but this isn’t the time or the place. Getting back on topic, substance abuse helps individuals relieve pain or control their emotions. It’s a sort of self-medication. Mental health problems shouldn’t be treated with illegal substances. Explain that to depression sufferers. They have the impression that they are right and you can’t change their minds.

Helping a loved one with depression and drug addiction

Depression can affect anyone from stars to regular individuals. Watching a loved one go through a tough time is the hardest thing ever. Seeing that person struggle is simply heartbreaking. What can be done to help a sufferer cope with depression and stop using drugs?  Podcasts that talk honestly about clinical depression are an idea. The podcasts will make the person feel less alone and determines the person to talk about what is upsetting them. When the loved one gets the courage to speak about their mental illness, it’s important for the audience to carefully listen. Sometimes, an intervention is necessary because the person struggling with addiction isn’t able to see clearly.

Finding treatment for depression and substance abuse

Mental illness issues should never be treated without professional supervision. A person that is suffering from comorbidity should go to a holistic treatment center. Only there will the person get the treatment that they deserve. Self-medication is the biggest mistake ever. Not only does the mental illness get worse, but also the chances of getting better are significantly reduced. When seeking treatment for depression and substance abuse, it’s necessary to research programs that treat the two medical conditions simultaneously. Long-term recovery is possible only when the comorbidity is taken care of.

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