What should you do if you filled the gas tank with the wrong fuel?

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Automotive

A frequently made mistake by all vehicle owners is filling the gas tank with the wring type of fuel. It is an accident, but it will let your car broke down in the middle of nowhere. Having reliable services at a call away to fix the problem for you in a fast and effective manner is something we all need. Luckily, there are some services specialized in wrong fuel removal and car fixing services. Moreover, the problem might appear in various situations and knowing a professional team can always move to your location and get you out of trouble is always good. Fast services are something you should find, because time is the key in matters of this kind. However, below is a guide on how you should proceed if you encounter an issue of this kind.

1. Don’t start the engine if you realize you filled your tank with the wrong fuel

An important aspect is if you turn or not the engine on after filling the vehicle’s tank with the wrong fuel. This way you avoid further expenses on supplies like fuel filters and so on. However, you need to move your car from the gas station. Our advice would be to ask a gas station employee for help and push the car together in a parking lot. Fear not, you are not alone. Some statistics show that accidents of this kind happen every three or four minutes. Therefore, chances to be judged based on this are quite small.

2. Search for trained and certificated personnel

You don’t have the skill or knowledge in order to proceed emptying the tank all by yourself. Search the web for specialized services and give them a call. Most have a relatively small response time and within an hour, tops, you can continue your itinerary. Moreover, most of these teams have 24/7 services for their clients. Search for them.

3. Search for a team with proper equipment

Fuel disposal is dangerous for the environment if it is improperly done. Find a team that has available a short list of the equipment they have. Make sure they have an eco-friendly mean of fuel disposal, because throwing it on the side of the road will not do it. You should pay attention to such aspects. After all, they are paid to have all the necessary equipment at their hand.

4. How to avoid using the wrong fuel

If you want to avoid these type of situations, pay attention to some aspects every time you go for a fill. Always rely on gas station from the same branch. Always read the indicators on each gas pump. If you are constantly switching between cars, leave sticky notes around to remind you what type of fuel they run with. Here are some basics you should follow if you somehow manage to put the wrong type of fuel in your tank. Bear those in mind and you will always avoid unwanted expenses.

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