Why are gardening enthusiasts so drawn to festivals?

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Home

Gardening is a fine hobby, one that can teach you so many different things, apart of course from the essential, which is growing plants. Gardening enthusiasts have developed all sorts of skills, as they have gained knowledge about design or food and health. Artistic skills can be also obtained from gardening and the list can go on. You might be wondering how it is all possible since gardening doesn’t exactly stand for anything else other than growing flowers, fruits or vegetables. So, where does this diverse knowledge come from? If you have ever been to the Tavistock garden festival, for instance, and have noticed what is presented there, you quickly understand that this hobby implies so much more that choosing the right soil and seeds. To make matters clear, here are three reasons for which gardening enthusiasts are drawn to these celebrations.

Carefully analysing flower arrangements

  When presenting some of the flowers you have so attentively grown, you will not show up in such events with bouquets. Things are much more complicated. When gardeners come to offer the public a taste or in this case, a peek of their work, they are requested to bring forward a carefully realised flower arrangement. It is much more difficult than it seems. When taking part in festivals, even as a mere spectator, you will have access to so many arrangement ideas that will inspire you. So, if you will, the first reason for which so many enthusiasts attend these events consists of getting the inspiration for flower arrangements.

A bit of competition never hurts

  Most likely, passionate gardeners are always looking for competition and festivals are the best way of getting to know a bit of that. There is nothing that can stimulate a gardener better than seeing that how others are growing the same plants. Also, as a spectator, when seeing what arrangements, what beautiful plants can come out of the hands of dedicated and passionate gardeners, it almost makes you want to take up this hobby as quickly as possible. Everything seems simpler when others show you the final result.  

Sharing ideas and information

  These festivals have other purposes than simply providing experts to boast about their work. Needless to say that when attending such events you will have the opportunity to talk to real specialists, with a great love for gardening and a huge experience behind them. If you have just taken up this hobby, then gardening festivals and events are definitely the places to visit. Imagine the amount of information and ideas you will end up gaining. Even if it were only for the great amount of knowledge and it would still be worth all the trouble in the world to attend these festivals.   Looking at the facts stated above, it would seem that gardeners, beginners or professionals, have quite a few good reasons to attend these events. Luckily, there are virtually hundreds of festivals of this kind taking place across the UK. So, if you have not yet been part of an event of this kind, if you have not went to a gardening festivals, maybe it is high time you’ve changed that, even for the sake of the experience itself.

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