Why choosing dental white fillings instead other tooth fillings

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Health

When experiencing issues with their teeth people go for a check at their doctor, and in the majority of cases, they find out that they need teeth fillings, and they have to choose between many types. Some of the doctors suggest their patients a certain type of fillings, with which they are more accustomed, but others choose to share their patients the advantages and drawbacks of every of the filling types and let the person decide which one they should have. It is recommended to collaborate with a doctor, which allows you to choose. Every of the teeth fillings have their advantages, but in this article you will find which is the main difference between Ottawa dental white fillings and all the other types.

They look more natural

The greatest advantage of white fillings is that they look natural and you will have no troubles in hiding the fact that you experienced a tooth problem. Therefore, if you choose this option you will feel comfortable to smile even if you have fillings at your front teeth.

They are not more expensive that other fillings

The costs of white fillings could vary from dentist to dentist. However, usually the price is according to the type and size of the fillings, and the time to apply them, because in some cases it might take longer. Your doctor will be able to state you what is the different in price between white fillings and any other fillings, but regularly they are not more expensive than other types.


Until recent days it was considered that the white fillings are not as strong as the gold ones for example, but now there are new materials on the market and when compared with other fillings they prove to be as good as them, or even better. The life expectancy of your fillings will depend on the health of your mouth and the state of the other teeth. Depending on your conditions, your dentist might suggest you a special type of care to maintain the state of your fillings.

What other advantages they have

As stated before the biggest advantage is that they are white, and no one will notice them. Depending on the colour of your natural teeth, the dentist could customise the colours according to the shade of the tooth. The filling procedure is not as complex as you might believe, and you will be able to use them immediately after they have been placed in your mouth.  

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