Why should I invest in a Honda Accord Hybrid?     

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Automotive

  Are you looking for a new car? Have you heard about Honda Accord Hybrid? This model first appeared in 2014-2015, but in 2016, it has really taken of the market, and many dealers have included it on their sales list in 2017. Honda’s hybrid faces fierce competition, but it has not issues in making a statement on the market. Even if on the list of competitors are found names as Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion or Chevrolet Malibu, Edmunds says the new Honda Accord Hybrid manages to stay at the top of customers’ preferences. So, if you cannot decide if you should buy a powerful car or an efficient one, that Honda Accord is the right one, because the 2017 model features two engine-upgrade options. Actually, this version is considered more efficient than the ones from 2015 because it comes with 47 mpg highway, 49 city and 48 mpg combined.

What should I know about the misses and hits?

From its review, we find that after it has been driven for a few hundreds of miles, this model is considered comfortable for drivers and passengers, but also quite quiet. In addition, experts state that the braking performances and seat-of-the-pants acceleration exceeded their expectations. This model definitely impresses people with enthusiasm for driving. A silent electric torque answers the tap of the accelerator pedal. The vehicle features a Hybrid drive mode, which means that the drive motor is used as a generator to produce electricity from the unwanted momentum, and to recharge the battery. In case the driver uses the third mode Engine Drive, then a computer will engage a wet clutch that connects the engine to the front axle’s differential. When using this mode the engine runs quietly, and no battery charging is involved. However, experts state that this mode cannot be maintained for more than a few seconds at 70 mph. they consider that it is designed to be used only for EPA highway tests.

What accessories does it feature?

It is stated that the Accord Hybrid can be compared with the non-hybrid Accord EX, because it comes with the same safety features and sensing package. The Sensing package at every one of the hybrids manufactured by Honda includes radar based features, like Lane Keeping Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Collision Mitigation Braking, Forward Collision Warning and Active Cruise Control, but also with a camera. What makes this hybrid different from the other cars is that it uses two electric motors, a single fixed gear ratio and a clutch to gets its power, instead of the Continuously Variable Transmission or multi speed transmission between the wheels and engine. This feature is known as the Intelligent Multi Mode, and it has the power to move the car on battery power. In case the battery does not have the needed energy or power to drive the car by its own, the smaller one, from the two electric motors starts the gas engine. Once the gas engine is started it will spin the smaller one for generating electricity.

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