Writing the perfect groom’s speech – useful tips

Written by Andres Bryant. Posted in Marriage

  When your wedding is just around the corner, and you need to handle the last preparations, one of the few responsibilities you have as the groom (because the bride is usually the one that take care of the entire planning) is to write your groom’s speech. Writing a speech that will not only impress your wife, but nicely surprise all guests attending the wedding reception certainly involves a lot of pressure. If you have been trying to put together your speech for a while now, but haven’t been so successful in putting your thoughts on paper, perhaps obtaining some guidelines on the topic will help you out. Here are the tips you should know about:

Focus on the bride

The entire speech should of course revolve around your partner. Because this is the first time you can actually call her your wife, referring to her as “my wife” will certainly create a sensitive, special moment. The purpose of the wedding speeches held by grooms is usually to share their love for their newly spouse, so whatever you desire to say, focusing on your partner first is recommended. You can share funny or special memories of you two, include the way you have met and also, making sure you compliment her throughout the entire speech is also something you should do.

Mention your parents and in-laws

If you have attended a few weddings in your life, you have probably noticed that the majority of groom speeches include a few words about the couple’s parents. This is something that you should consider yourself. Thanking both your parents and your in-laws for what they have done for you, and how they have contributed to the completion of this once-in-a-lifetime event and for the consolidation of you two as a couple will certainly be appreciated. So, when you are putting your speech together, don’t forget to mention them as well.  

Hire a professional speechwriter

When you are running out of time, or you simply cannot think of anything to say, a great solution you can opt for is hiring a professional speechwriter. As long as you share some important details with the writer, they will be able to make it as personal as you desire. You will receive a funny, original and certainly impressive speech, which will allow you to make exactly the impression you want. Simply search for an experienced writer that provides this kind of service, see a few examples of their work and opt for their support – this way, you will no longer have any worries in this department. If you want to be prepared on your big day, and to surprise your loved one with an emotional and meaningful speech, but you find it hard to put your words on paper, following the above mentioned tips might help you out. With a bit of support from an experienced speech writer, and some insights on what the prefect speech should contain, you will manage to make a great impression at your wedding’s reception.

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